FoodableTV Sits Down With Stephane Bombet of Bombet Hospitality Group

Stephane Bombet  | Allison Levine for Foodable WebTV Network

Stephane Bombet | Allison Levine for Foodable WebTV Network

Restaurants in Los Angeles have been opening at an alarming rate. One of the people responsible for this is Stephane Bombet. Since 2010, Bombet has been behind some of L.A.’s most talked about restaurants, including Picca, Mo-Chica, Paiche, Faith & Flower, Terrine, Viviane, and Hanjip.

During his eight year break, Bombet noticed that L.A. was a city full of well-educated, well-traveled people with disposable income who enjoyed food and wine. There were only a handful of chefs of name in Los Angeles at the time, and Bombet felt it was a good time to open a restaurant. He was looking for a French chef, but was introduced to Chef Ricardo Zarate, who was behind Mo-Chica. Intrigued by his Peruvian cuisine, Bombet began working with Zarate to help bring his food into the city, and found the location that would become Picca. Read More

The California Drought’s Impact on Local Restaurants

The California Drought’s Impact on Local Restaurants

By Courtney Walsh, West Coast Editor

Much has been discussed regarding the current state of California’s local industry in light of the severe drought plaguing the state.  Suffering for more than four years without substantial rainfall, last year California was declared to be in a state of emergency.  And while the local agriculture industry seems to have been hit the hardest, the drought’s effects permeate into every sector of the state’s local industry, including the local food and beverage industry.  But despite the immense impact, there are some Los Angeles restaurants fighting back.  

Restaurants Suffer Under Drought Conditions

In response to California’s severe drought conditions, Starbucks recently moved its bottled water operations out of the state and Nestle is currently drawing fire for refusing to halt their bottling of water sourced from the state’s scarce water supply.  Reports of drought-induced rising costs for avocados threw the internet into a panic over a rumor that Chipotle may stop serving their famed guacamole.     

On a smaller scale, local restaurants are also suffering from the effects of the drought.  Recently, legislation was enacted that restricts the serving of water in restaurants unless upon request.  While this new restriction may draw the ire of demanding customers, many of the top restaurants were already following suit before these restrictions were enacted. 

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