Farm Burger Rolls Out New Sustainable Catfish Sandwich

Farm Burger Blue Catfish sandwich |   Sara Hanna Photography

Farm Burger Blue Catfish sandwich | Sara Hanna Photography

Not only do we have more vegetarian consumers today, but there are also more flexitarians. These are eaters that only occasionally eat meat to make less of an environmental impact.

The plant-based movement has encouraged eaters to seek more alternative proteins. With that in mind, the fast casual chain Farm Burger is one of the restaurants to recently partner with the plant-based company Impossible Foods to offer the Impossible Burger, a veggie burger that even bleeds.

But the chain is also getting more creative with its menu options and is rolling out the Chesapeake Bay Blue Catfish sandwich, a move to promote a more sustainable protein.

"Farm Burger carries the Impossible Burger in all 11 locations nationwide as a plant-based meat alternative for customers. We had been looking to incorporate seafood onto the menu for a while and wanted to craft a sandwich that would fit well with our menu and match our sustainable ethos. As we learned more about the Blue Catfish and the environmental issues associated with it, it seemed to meet all of our criteria: tasty, sustainable and thought-provoking," said Cameron Thompson, Farm Burger executive chef.

The sandwich, which was strategically launched right before Lent to cater to Fish Fridays, is topped with Farm Burger slaw and house-made pickled jalapeños. The catfish sandwich will be available at Farm Burger stores starting March 5th.

The Southern-based fast casual chain wanted to make sure the sandwich still fit in on the menu with the other items, so the chain took a culinary twist on a traditional catfish sandwich.

"Crispy catfish and slaw, to me, is a classic combination like peanut butter and jelly. The slaw is tossed in our signature FB sauce to add some Farm Burger flair to a classic pairing. We're rounding out the meal with Old Bay fries as a tribute to the Chesapeake region," said Thompson.

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