These Top 50 Sandwich Innovators are Filling a Void in the Sandwich Segment

The time has come to reveal the ranking for the Top 50 Sandwich Innovators.

You read that right.

Foodable’s free Top 50 Sandwich Innovator report, brought to you by Miss Vickie’s, is out now!

In the free report, you will learn why high-quality ingredients are driving frequency in restaurant visits. The Restaurant Coach™ and Foodable’s industry expert contributor, Donald Burns, also breaks down who the Top 5 Sandwich Innovators are.

As a bonus, our team dives into what some of these top-performing brands are doing right, in terms of social media marketing. How are these brands engaging their audience? What is the style of their Instagram social feed? Why does it work for them? How can restaurants increase their restaurant visits by stepping up their visual marketing game? These are some of the questions this guide and report will answer.

Along with the informative pieces within the free guide and report, is the chance to learn more in-depth about three sandwich innovator concepts, through video and podcast interviews. For example, Foodable had the chance to chat with Hunter Pond, CEO and Founder of East Hampton Sandwich Co. (the highest-ranking sandwich innovator concept) in our upcoming episode of The Barron Report. 

Our host, Paul Barron, sets out to decipher whether or not this sandwich innovator brand has what it takes to become the next big player in the sandwich category. Listen in to learn how Pond, a law-school dropout, ended up developing one of the most talked about sandwich innovator concepts in Texas. His ability to identify a void in the sandwich market and come up with a winning formula to address the issue became the foundation for his successful regional brand. This podcast episode will leave you wondering: What’s next for East Hampton?

To get you started, watch the video above to learn about Matt and Marie’s, a sandwich innovator and a Philadelphia-based, Italian sandwich shop. This piece will touch on what sets it apart from the rest. It’s not the first time we chat with Nicole Marie Capp about her restaurant concept, which she co-founded with Justin Matt Sapolsky. In fact, Paul Barron interviewed her in one of the network’s Fast Casual Nation episodes. This time around we hear from her what it means to be a sandwich innovator.

To learn the ranking score of this innovative sandwich restaurant and others, be sure to check out our free Top 50 Sandwich Innovator report!

The Sandwich Recession: The Rise and Fall of Fast Casual Sandwich Sectors

The Sandwich Recession: The Rise and Fall of Fast Casual Sandwich Sectors

Fast casual sandwich concepts have fluctuated in the past years, but currently we are seeing a few shine with its customers. Thanks to fresh ingredients, catering options, and locally-sourced foods, these three sandwich spots are coming out on top. 

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Sandwich Shakeup: Leading Ladies in this Emerging Sector Tell Us How their Concepts Stand Out From the Rest

Sandwich Shakeup: Leading Ladies in this Emerging Sector Tell Us How their Concepts Stand Out From the Rest

By Kerri Adams, Editor-at-Large 

The fast casual sandwich sector has come a long way from restaurants serving the same old turkey club and roast beef sandwich.

Creative concepts have emerged and are offering diners a unique twist on many sandwich favorites, while also serving menu items guests have never seen before. 

Although Jersey Mikes and the quick-serve Arby’s are chains on the rise, many other sandwich chains are having difficulty competing with these emerging concepts. 

Former sandwich kings, like Subway have been forced to close hundreds of stores this year. The pressure from the fast casual segment, especially with the new array of innovative options for customers to choose from, has had a negative impact on major chains. 

These elevated sandwich concepts are disrupting the segment as they continue to gain traction in the market. 

Two restaurants uppin’ the ante in this sector are Matt & Marie’s and Mendocino Farms. Both of these concepts have leading ladies as co-founders and we decided to sit down with each off them to see how their concepts are standing out from the rest. 

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