PepsiCo Partners With The Hatchery to Support Food Startups

PepsiCo Partners With The Hatchery to Support Food Startups

The food and beverage startup Hatchery Chicago is partnering with the food, snack, and beverage giant PepsiCo. 

PepsiCo's North America Nutrition division will be working with The Hatchery to help entrepreneurs grow their food startups. 

The goal of the partnership is to "foster collaboration with the long-term goal of making high-quality, delicious products available to more people in more places," according to a recent press release from PepsiCo. 

The Hatchery Chicago is an incubator that assists small businesses in the nutrition space by providing them with the resources they need to start and expand their business. The incubator works with entrepreneurs from the start to finish and helps them with access to production space, funding, and resources. 

The non-profit is building its new location in a food desert in the west side of Chicago by the East Garfield Park.

Now, with PepsiCo's help, the incubator will also be able to offer additional resources and expertise. 

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NYC's Food Incubator Scene Continues to Grow

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Though the city is working on its garden space in order to scale the flourishing farm-to-table and local sourcing wave, both local goods retailers, as well as emerging chefs, need more kitchen space to produce. Let's face it: apartment kitchens, let alone those in New York, aren't exactly spacious or realistic to work from. Luckily, NYC's food incubator scene is blossoming. With at least one space in each borough, these test kitchen spaces allow chefs to work in restaurant-quality kitchens.

The newest addition to the city's food incubator scene is set to open in Morningside Heights this Fall. Read More