How This BarChef Mixologist Makes Cocktail Magic

BarChef, a cocktail bar in Toronto, Canada doesn't just have bartenders, they are more like gastronomic innovators.

The cocktails served at this bar are meant to ignite the imagination and are truly multi-sensorial.

On the past "Across the Bar" episode below we visited BarChef to speak with and to watch Frank Solarik, co-owner and mastermind of the Toronto gem, work his magic as he prepares some of the bar's whimsical cocktails.

The bar has jars lining the bar containing over 5,000 oz bitters used as ingredients in the beverages.

Solarik and his team take a culinary approach to mixology, hence the name “BarChef".

“We put as much passion and care into these dishes as a chef would," says Solarik in the video below.

He was also inspired early on by chefs in the kitchens he worked at.

“One of my jobs was to finish the plates downstairs in the kitchen and working with the chefs, and I was totally amazed by the passion of everyone that was on that team and just the beautiful product that was going out of the kitchen, and the reaction from the guests and things like that,” says Solarik. “For me, it was a turning point in my life. I was just like, ‘I need to do this for a living.’”

Each cocktail is a piece of art.

The Night Blossom cocktail, for example, is made with cacao, chartreuse branch, maple and almond orgeat snow, mint and chartreuse, violet, bourbon, patchouli, Amaro, maraschino, rosemary, and balsam fir and honey. Then it is served with chopsticks and a ramen spoon.

Watch the episode below to see Solarik create this innovative cocktail, along with two others. Also, watch to learn what inspires him to craft these one-of-a-kind recipes.

BarChef Challenges Conventional Cocktails, Creates a New Drinking Experience

BarChef Challenges Conventional Cocktails, Creates a New Drinking Experience

In Toronto, a dimly lit venue accompanied by candlelight is the home to culinary experiences beyond the imagination. It’s Frankie Solarik’s lab for culinary concoctions known as cocktails, but not of the familiar sort. BarChef, unlike many of the concepts we’ve visited on “Across the Bar” thus far, is not set at a bar, but rather more of a chef’s table. His team is not made up of bartenders, so to speak, but of chefs.

In this episode, Solarik shares with us three uniquely innovative cocktails and the inspiration and preparation behind them.

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Sneak Peek: BarChef, Where Cocktails Are Akin to Fine-Dine Dishes

What’s your differentiator, your X-factor? You know, the thing that keeps you separate from your competition and on another playing field. “Innovation” has become a token buzzword, but only few are changing the game in a way that completely segments them from the noise. BarChef is one of those few.

In Toronto, Frankie Solarik and his team think differently about the food and beverage space. In this “Across the Bar” sneak peek, host Paul Barron doesn’t find himself across the bar like at most places on the show, but rather at a chef’s table. “I really want to strive to achieve a very emotional experience for my guests and make it very special,” says Solarik. He uses that sentiment when preparing his cocktails akin to a fine dining dish. 

Check out the sneak peek above to check out some of Solarik’s uniquely exquisite concoctions, and stay tuned for the upcoming full episode, coming soon!