Chef Mark Hellyar's Secret For Momotaro's Success Is Remaining Unique

Chef Mark Hellyar's Secret For Momotaro's Success Is Remaining Unique

While in Tokyo, Chef Mark Hellyar worked at Oak Door, Keyekazaka, and Shunbou. Through his experiences, he gained a deep appreciation of Japanese dining, culture, and way of life.

“I just saw like the difference in quality in all the ingredients around me. All the fruit, vegetables, things like that… it’s treated completely different, a whole different respect for ingredients,” said Chef Hellyar about the way the Japanese approach food. “Where we simmer stocks, there they boil them. The way you break down a fish, it’s completely different… you really have to train yourself... retrain yourself.”

Now, as the executive chef of the West Loop Chicago restaurant, Momotaro, Hellyar prides himself in his minimalistic style of cooking. For him it’s about “really focusing and honing in on the one core ingredient.”

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The Brass Monkey: A Taste of the 1970s in Modern-Day Chicago



Chicago, get ready to teleport your tastebuds and send them on a blast to the past. At the beginning of February, restaurateur Marc Bushala opened "The Brass Monkey," an establishment that pulls 1970s pop culture and music into its elements of design, in Fulton Market. Its menu concept, which was a collaborative effort between Bushala and chef Kendal Duque, features American cuisine from the 1970s and is contrasted with French influence. 

From Spanish calamari stuffed with wild boar sausage to sloppy Joe sliders made with barbecue lamb shoulder and fried onions, guests will enjoy a wide variety of meals. 

"We wanted to create an experience like being at a dinner party on Warren Beatty's yacht with Tom Jones entertaining and Julia Child cooking," Bushala said. Read More