Shannon Allen is Changing Fast Food with Grown's All-Organic Menu

Shannon Allen is Changing Fast Food with Grown's All-Organic Menu

Shannon Allen grew up working in restaurants and in her Father's garden.  Food was always part of her life but when she met her husband Ray Allen, Shannon quickly realized how important the right food is to his success on the basketball court.  That's when her education in nutrition and healthy organic eating really began.  When her son, Walker, was diagnosed with type one diabetes Shannon struggled to meet his needs while constantly on the go - Grown was born.  Seeing the needs of the many, Grown provides healthy organic fast food with the convenience of a drive-thru.  As an Emerging Brand, Grown is breaking the norms of the restaurant business by creating a new approach for an entirely new type of consumer.  Watch the episode for more and download Foodable Labs' Emerging Brands Report

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Miami Chefs Do What the F**K They Want

Video Produced by Denise Toledo

Miami is a city with its own flair. On this first episode of "Chef's Alliance Round Table", Paul Barron talks to some of Miami’s best chefs who are making names for themselves without trying to be like anybody else.

Giorgio Rapicavoli said it best, “I don’t think anybody in Miami really cares about being on that level. I mean honestly, I don’t want to be New York. I don’t want to be San Francisco. We are Miami. We made this city, the city made us. And I think a lot of what we do has to do with making the city better.”

Paula DaSilva adds, “Whether or not we ever reach the level of New York or San Francisco, what does it matter? ...I think we're there.”

Many of these chefs have been grinding in Miami for years, building their businesses within the constraints of the growing city. These great chefs came together around the South Beach Wine and Food Festival to discuss some of the trends we’re seeing today.

Shannon Allen, creator of the organic fast-food drive-thru Grown said, “I think if you're not going farm to table, if you’re not sourcing local ingredients, you’re going to have to answer the questions of a customer [who's] very smart, has dealt with health problems, has food allergies, is very aware of what they're putting in their mouth...”

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