Global Wine Prices May Increase Due to Extreme Weather Occurrences

Global Wine Prices May Increase Due to Extreme Weather Occurrences

minds when it comes to ensuring quality and quantity of their grapes come harvest time. Extreme weather events always take a toll on a vineyard if exposed for too long to extreme temperatures— high or low.

This year’s weather occurrences around the world have been especially rough to the top wine regions causing grapes to either dehydrate, shrivel, become tainted with smoke, ripe ahead of schedule or decrease in quality, not to mention shrink the quantity of grapes worth harvesting.

“In Napa and Sonoma, the excessive heat didn’t affect grapes for sparkling wines or whites harvested earlier in August. But cabernet is in the crosshairs,” reported “Bloomberg.”

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Rooftop Beehives are Keeping Chicago Restaurants Sweet

Across the the country, on city rooftops there are secret beehives. Similar to kitchen gardens, restaurants are harvesting these hives for honey to incorporate this ultra-local ingredient into their dishes. 

Chicago is a tough environment for these bees due to the frigid winters. However, since Illinois is not a big beekeeping state, the hives were not affected by colony collapse disorder like many other cities. This is when the worker bees abruptly disappear and this is affecting agriculture and restaurant menus around the world. 

Artisan Table, Harvest, and Lockwood are just some of the Chicago restaurants currently with rooftop hive or plans to install them. The honey harvested is not only being used in dishes like butternut squash soup and on various desserts but also in wheat beer recipes. Read More