Food Out Loud: Defining the New Consumer with Sara Brito of The Good Food 100 Media Network

In this inaugural episode of Food Out Loud, we start with the changing U.S. consumer. We have all seen this shift happening, but today it seems to be accelerating. We are all consumers in this economy, so it does not take a professional to see how our collective perception of food is changing—we are shifting to a more sustainable, healthy food ecosystem.

Sara Brito is our guest today. Brito is the founder of Good Food 100 Media Network, which is responsible for the Good Food 100 Restaurants List. The list “seeks to redefine how chefs, restaurants, and food service businesses are viewed and valued. Carefully curated based on the quantitative measurement of chefs’ purchasing practices,” as stated on the Good Food 100 website.

“We know that consumers today have a different set of values,” Says Brito.

Most of us are making more educated choices when we eat. That stretches from having less soda or high sugar drinks with your burger and fries to going completely plant-based on one or more days a week. Of course, there are some of us that have drastically changed our diet. This is why we started this show—because of these choices that we are making collectively and the potential for massive positive change in how our society relates to food.

Listen to the podcast above to hear the full conversation about good food and the impact on our food industry.


01:42 - Welcoming Sara Brito Founder of The Good Food 100 Media Network
05:33 The Good Food 100 Restaurant List
17:03 - How is Food In America Changing?
21:44 - GMO Labeling and The Need for Transparency

24:47 - What's it like Working with Kimbal Musk?
26:08 - What is the Effect of Media on Today's Consumer?
28:40 - We are Moving to a More Responsible Food Industry

Scratch Cooking Revives Traditional Views of Casual Dining

Scratch Cooking Revives Traditional Views of Casual Dining

On this episode of The Barron Report, brought to you by Kabbage, the Tupelo Honey team joins Paul Barron in a discussion of what makes brands successful in today's market.

Tupelo Honey was founded in Asheville in 2001 as a revival of Southern food and traditions rooted in the Carolina Mountains. With 15 total locations in 7 states, Tupelo's Southern spirit is infused into every bite of their flavor driven dishes.

CEO Steve Frabitore bought the restaurant in 2008 and it's been growing ever since.

On this episode, VP of Operations and Beverage Director Tyler Alford; and VP of Culinary and Corporate Executive Chef Eric Gabrynowicz take us through the nitty gritty of what has made Tupelo one of Foodable's Top Emerging Brands. 

Tupelo takes great pride in their sourcing. They believe that as a small conglomerate of restaurants, their ability to affect change is far greater than that of smaller, independents. Switching to an organic, locally-grown chicken in their restaurants accounts not for hundreds of dollars in change but hundreds of thousands of dollars.  

And their commitment to top quality culinary doesn't stop there. The beverage program at Tupelo Honey also speaks to the brand's commitment to improving the quality of casual dining chains. With kitchens that cook almost entirely from scratch, Chef Gabrynowics says transforming the beverage program to be more culinary-driven was not a far stretch to make. 

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