Washington Report: Trump Moves Into the White House — How Will This Move the Restaurant Industry?

On Friday afternoon, President Donald Trump was sworn into office as the 45th President of the United States. On this episode of "On Foodable Weekly: Washington Report," we discuss the political dissent that has blanketed the country since election day, and how some policies may affect those in foodservice.

Repealing and Replacing the Affordable Care Act

A major platform of the Trump campaign has been to "repeal and replace Obamacare." Also known as the Affordable Care Act, this piece of legislation is most well-known for prohibiting insurance companies from charging more or denying coverage on the basis of pre-existing conditions. The proposal to "repeal and replace" has caused demonstrations across the U.S. These have included marches and protests like the “cough-in” staged at Trump Tower’s Jean-Georges restaurant.

Last week, a budget narrowly passed in the Senate instructing teams to start coming up with plans to wipe out much of the ACA has caused concerns over whether pre-existing conditions will continue to be covered. The vote was met with much debate from Democrats, citing their reasoning for opposition, in spite of the fact that debate is not allowed during votes.

Controversial Cabinet Picks

Since the November election, Trump has seen a bit of a backlash in response to his cabinet picks. With nominees like Betsy Devos as Secretary of Education and Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, hearings for nominees have also been a hot topic. In a letter to Senate Democrats, the United States Office of Government Ethics warned that the hearing schedule for the president's nominees did not give the office a sufficient amount of time to properly review the picks. In the letter, ethics office director wrote, “For as long as I remain director of OGE’s staff and agency ethics, officials will not succumb to pressure to  cut corners and ignore conflicts of interest.” As of this afternoon, only two of President Trump’s Cabinet nominees are set to be confirmed.

NRA and the Trump Administration

The National Restaurant Association has been working with the administration since before the election to ensure the industry is well represented.

“We’ve been working with the Trump campaign all summer to talk about the restaurant industry. So we're prepared to be engaged as we have been, on behalf of the industry to continue to make sure that state and local lawmakers understand the benefit of restaurants and the value that we bring to each and every community across the country.”

As this new administration settles in, we will continue to keep you up to date on legislation affecting your business, here with On Foodable Weekly’s Washington Report. Be sure to watch and share!

Culinary for a Cause: Over 90 D.C. Restaurants Promise Inauguration Profits Will Go to Charities

We're excited to have @momolongplay CCDC on board with #allinservicedc, supporting @some_dc!

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There's no denying that the results of the 2016 election have left the public unsettled with tumultuous uproar from both sides, but while there has been shaky dissent about who's filling in the Oval Office seat and the seats in the Senate, one thing is for for sure: seats in D.C.'s restaurants will be filled during Inauguration weekend. 

Even without a big political celebration or protest, Washington, D.C., is already a big culinary city known for its James Beard Award-winning venues and for being named "Bon Appétit Magazine's" 2016 Restaurant City of the Year. However, D.C. is taking it a step further by going culinary for a cause.

More than D.C. 90 restaurants, bars, cafes, and distilleries — along with salons and other businesses — have promised to donate profits from Inauguration weekend to charities, especially toward movements that have felt jeopardized by Trump's proposed policies.

The All in Service fundraising event, which will take place Jan. 20 to Jan. 22 and organized by service professionals Alaina Dyne and Amanda Carpenter, is not so much as Trump protest as it is a campaign for diversity. The restaurant industry is diverse with rich cuisines and is the epitome of people-driven hospitality and compassion, so it shouldn't be a surprise that All in Service has taken root.

@himitsudc is aboard, supporting @plannedparenthood for #allinservicedc!

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More weekend shopping opportunites: @shopvioletdc joins #allinservicedc, supporting #NStreetVillage!

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Funds from this event will support Planned Parenthood, The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington, and other local organizations that aim to serve the homeless, provide healthcare and social services, assist low-income families, and advocate for Women's, LGBTQ, and immigrant lives.

"The events of the inauguration present a vital opportunity to serve our nation's capital by creating inclusive spaces, in service not only to our guests, but also to our community. These are the fundamentals of hospitality, and it is in this spirit that we invite you to join us," the website states. "We are a team of people from the hospitality community, service workers, and restaurateurs who are making a statement of inclusion and love for community. As a service industry — like a gracious host — we welcome all."

The roster of restaurants is impressive, including Momofuku CCDC, Bourbon, Café Saint-Ex, The Diner, Tryst, Bad Saint, The Coupe, Graffiato and more. All participating businesses and their causes can be found by neighborhood here.

“We know that tens of thousands of people are coming into the District for that weekend. There are going to be Trump supporters coming into town, and there are going to be protestors,” All in Service PR representative Sarah Massey said. “What this can do is show everyone that Washington, D.C.’s, service industry cares about our community.” Read More