How Much Pull Do Celebrity Chefs Have on a Restaurant?

Cheflebrities, Cheftestapants.  

Japonais  Photo Credit: Chicago Reader


Photo Credit: Chicago Reader

We've all heard the ridiculous descriptors of the most recognized reality TV chefs in the game. With the rise and popularity of shows that showcase the food industry (or, at least, Hollywood's portrayal of the food industry), fame has added a new dimension to the role of a chef - an element that has the ability to make or break one's reputation. But how much do reality chefs really matter to their restaurants? Is it a touristy ploy, assuming the celeb chef will probably never actually be there getting their hands greasy?

Chicago Reader recently featured a well-written piece on celebrity chefs in alignment to how successful their restaurants are. While there is no guarantee of success or failure, the question was raised after the announcement of Iron Chef Morimoto coming in to help refuel Japonais. Read More