LRS Product Review — Paging Systems Get an Upgrade

In this On Foodable Feature, brought to you by the Foodable Network, we explore Long Range Systems (LRS), a company that specializes in improving the guest dining experience through restaurant technology.

As an operator, a couple of the most important things to keep in mind when adopting new technologies for your restaurant is ROI and fluidity. Does the addition make sense for your business? And does it fit into the guest experience and operational side of things in a seamless way in order to enhance sentiment toward your restaurant rather than act as an inconvenience?

One of the products LRS CEO John Weber delves into on this episode is TableTracker, a system we have introduced on Foodable before that takes the place of buzzers or pagers. TableTracker is specifically used for fast casual restaurants and aims to help build customer loyalty and convert guests into repeat customers. In this episode, Weber discusses how this product is maximizing speed of service and order efficiency in fast casuals and what the system entails. The benefits of TableTracker go beyond the guest and into FOH & BOH operations.

Pagers for the Modern-Day Diner

While Weber describes TableTracker as the next transition of pagers or buzzers, LRS does, in fact, offer pager systems, as well. After all, it’s this tried-and-true tech that LRS was known for in the early days of the company. But, to be fair, this isn’t your typical pager system. Weber also dives into these products in the episode, discussing the many benefits (and advancements) of LRS’s Guest Pager Pro, which uses bidirectional communication technology and includes features like promo/advertising for your restaurant.

What else does LRS have in the works? Watch the full episode, above, to find out!