Quick Six With...Multi-James Beard Award Semifinalist Chef José Mendín

Quick Six With...Multi-James Beard Award Semifinalist Chef José Mendín

By Mae Velasco, Custom Content Editor

José Mendín is no stranger to Foodable, and neither are the Pubbelly Boys. The Pubbelly Restaurant Group, which consists of three chefs who are a triple threat taking over tastebuds all across Miami with multiple successfully-launched restaurants, has founding partner and Chef José Mendín manning the helm at their namesake establishment, Pubbelly

This Asian-inspired gastropub is a favorite for crowds craving small pork plates paired with craft beer and wine, but what more can we learn about the creative genius leading the Pubbelly kitchen? Mendín was born into a family driven by food, his parents being self-proclaimed food enthusiasts and his great-grandmother a cooking instructor. While he never made cooking a passion until he left for college, the talent was clearly in his blood.

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PB Steak, Upscale Dining with a Casual Feel

Table 42 is all about finding the most innovative restaurants that offer unique dining experiences. Enter PB Steak, the Miami South Beach steakhouse serving up classics like bacon and egg - with a twist. Join Paul as he gets a sneak peak at how Chef Mendin makes one of their signature dishes: Homemade Bacon Confit made from pork belly marinated for nearly two days and then smoked for a total of six hours. If your mouth isn't watering just reading this, it will be once you see how it's made! Ever been to PB Steak? Share with us your experience and some of your favorite dishes.