The 2015 James Beard Award Finalists - Best Chef Southwest

The 2015 James Beard Award Finalists - Best Chef Southwest

By Bev Garvin, Foodable Contributor

The 2015 James Beard Awards will be held at Lyric Opera in Chicago, hosted by Alton Brown, on Monday, May 4, 2015. The annual James Beard Foundation (JBF) Awards also known as “The Oscars of Food” honors the best chefs, restaurants, bars and industry professionals and has a long-standing reputation of being the highest ranking food award in America. Here is a rundown of the finalists for the JBF Best Chef Southwest 2015.

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Four Arizona Chefs Amongst James Beard Nominees

James Beard Award  | Facebook

James Beard Award | Facebook

The 2015 James Beard Award nominees were announced this week and amongst them were four of Arizona’s top chefs.  In the Southwest categories, Arizona chefs were nominated for the prestigious Outstanding Restaurant, Outstanding Restaurateur, and Best Chef awards.

The nominated chefs and restaurants include Sam Fox of Fox Restaurant Concepts, Pizzeriea Bianco, Charleen Badman of FnB and Kevin Binkley of Cave Creek restaurant.

Nominees are selected by a committee of critics, writers and editors amongst a list of nearly 35,000 submissions.  The winners are set to be announced March 24th. 

Learn more about the nominees here