Shake Shack Rolls Out More Kiosks

Shake Shack Rolls Out More Kiosks

Shake Shack was ahead of the curve last year when the fast casual opened a location where all ordering and payments were done through self-ordering kiosks. 

Apparently, the test did not go as planned. Instead of things being done more efficiently, the lines were out of control. 

But Shake Shack isn't completely abandoning the idea. 

The chain will be implementing more kiosks at its stores and will be pairing them with cashiers. This will give the customer the option to use a kiosk or to go to a Shake Shack team member at a cashier.

There are now five Shake Shack stores with kiosks. 

Panera, Wendy's and McDonald's, and Jack in the Box have all invested more in kiosk technology and less into staffing, especially as the minimum wage increases. 

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