Vitamix The Quiet One Mixes Noise Reduction Innovation with Their Trusted Industry Standard Blenders

In this episode of Smart Kitchen and Bar our host and culinarian Andi Tillis, makes a green smoothie to showcase the groundbreaking features of “The Quiet One” by Vitamix.

Many of today’s restaurants have brought their kitchens from the back of the house to the front of the house for a variety of reasons. One reason is for the theater of it all; another is for transparency when it comes to the ingredients and preparation; yet another is for logistical reasons like moving people quickly through a fast-casual restaurant model. But in all three scenarios, one consideration remains constant and that is the noise floor of your kitchen in your restaurant. You want to create an environment where the customer experience is not ruined by a loud kitchen, which could make it impossible for customers to enjoy your dining space or hear as they move through a line and try to communicate with your staff.

Enter “The Quiet One” by Vitamix. The revolutionary blender features 93 variable speeds, 6 optimized programs, 34 available settings, auto shut-off and of course the patented noise reduction enclosure. The Vitamix performs 12 culinary techniques like heating, blending, and pureeing – which we discuss in this episode. But it can do much more. Check out the techniques on the Vitamix website.

As chefs and brands alike are presenting healthy options on their menus, like plant-based menu and drink options, the focus of bringing healthy breakfast smoothies to your brand can be a differentiator and is part of why “The Quiet One” presents an entirely new approach to blending.

Foodable Labs reported on how the growth of plant-based is exploding, with a 78 percent increase in the past year on consumer discussions around plant-based menu items.  This is up considerably from 2017.

Additionally, with coffeehouses, juice parlors, and high-end cocktail bars all seeing expansion and most implementing open kitchen designs, seeking out a trusted industry blender like “The Quiet One” by Vitamix, maintains the quality standards customers have come to expect while handling the noise of commercial blending.

10 Seconds to Fresh Scrambled Eggs with the Antunes Jet Steamer and Flatbread Toaster

10 Seconds to Fresh Scrambled Eggs with the Antunes Jet Steamer and Flatbread Toaster

Today, if you’re not innovating, you’re falling behind. That’s why Antunes, a 2018 Kitchen Innovation winner, has introduced not one but TWO innovations this year. Corporate Chef Joe Arvin, previously featured on shows like Chopped and The Taste, introduces us first to Antunes' Flatbread Toaster.

In an age where pitas and tacos are booming, operators are having a hard time keeping up with the demand. The Antunes Flatbread Toaster strives to solve that issue, heating tortillas, flatbreads, pitas, and more to over than 160 degrees in just seconds, allowing increased output in your business.

Working off of this inventive foundation, Arvin shows us a prototype from the Antunes team.  Taking the incredible heat and speed from the toaster and combining that with a Teflon pouch, Antunes has created a way to churn out perfectly toasted, melty quesadillas with no blowout, consistently.

A second innovation from Antunes also takes speed to a new level.

Consumers today are looking for fresh dishes with simple ingredients. But they don’t want to wait 20 minutes to get it. With Antunes, you can give them everything they want. Antunes’ new Jet Steamer allows your operation to crack an egg into a cup, add a couple ingredients and seasonings like salt, pepper, and cheese and place the cup into the Jet Steamer. In no more than 12 seconds, that fresh egg is fully cooked, scrambled, and ready to be served. And the Jet Steamer can be used in an array of applications like soups, oatmeal, and even rice!

Learn more about this innovative brand in the video above, and stay tuned for more Restaurant Product Innovators coming soon!

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How Restaurant Kitchens Have Evolved

Technology has increased the expectations of the consumer. In North America especially, consumers expect their meals to be served in a timely fashion. Restaurants have not only have to continuously evolve their menus and dinning space, but also the restaurant kitchen must be able to keep up with the demands of guests. 

So what has changed in today's restaurant kitchen? Space has always been a concern in restaurant kitchens, so multi-purpose equipment has been implemented to lessen the space occupied by equipment. Energy efficiency has also been a greater focus. Restaurant owners and chefs are asking big picture questions, like how will the equipment save on overall cost? Read More

Vulcan Presents the Future of Kitchen Equipment

In this very special episode of Rock My Restaurant, brought to you by the Foodable Network, hosts Eric and Bill are at the 2014 National Restaurant Show with a winner of the Kitchen Innovations 2014 Award, Vulcan. Vulcan is taking kitchen fryers to the next level with the PowerFry5™ with FivePass™ Heat Transfer. Unlike other fryers, the PowerFry5™ with FivePass™ Heat Transfer boasts shorter cook times, quick temperature recovery, better taste, reduced oil top-off and most importantly consistent results. Watch the full episode to see why the Vulcan PowerFry5™ with FivePass™ Heat Transfer is a necessity for any kitchen.