How to Spice Things up in the Kitchen

How to Spice Things up in the Kitchen

Guests continue to clamor for “authentic” flavors in food. But “authentic” is largely up for interpretation, as it means something a little different to each person.

One thing that remains consistent in the quest for authenticity in cuisine is the use of spices. While “spicy” never seems to fall far on industry flavor trends and forecasts, “spices” are continuing to trend upwards. It is the deep understanding and deliberate use of each one that offers guests a truly authentic experience.


Curry Flavors Rise Up

Middle Eastern curry flavors are vast, complex, and range widely depending on the dish. These spices are fantastic ground and used together.

The many components making up the complex flavor of any curry dish can be equally exciting used on their own. Consider turmeric, and the rise in popularity of this root in many forms. Fawned over for health benefits, this spice can deliver dazzling flavor and visuals, yet many establishments only deploy the superfood powers when making a traditional dish. So there is room to bring turmeric into the mainstream. Understanding the spice and the earthy flavors associated with is crucial. Also, practicing restraint is important too since turmeric flavors can be quite strong. This root packs in aromas that border on citrus and complex flavors that rival ginger and the peppery bite associated with it, especially in raw form.

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How Restaurant Kitchens Have Evolved

Technology has increased the expectations of the consumer. In North America especially, consumers expect their meals to be served in a timely fashion. Restaurants have not only have to continuously evolve their menus and dinning space, but also the restaurant kitchen must be able to keep up with the demands of guests. 

So what has changed in today's restaurant kitchen? Space has always been a concern in restaurant kitchens, so multi-purpose equipment has been implemented to lessen the space occupied by equipment. Energy efficiency has also been a greater focus. Restaurant owners and chefs are asking big picture questions, like how will the equipment save on overall cost? Read More

Coming Soon To Small Spaces: It's The Vertical Kitchen!

Photo Credit: Food Republic

Photo Credit: Food Republic

When it comes to the way most people think about kitchens, the general rule is Bigger is Better. An Italian designer is getting ready to challenge this, and it's a most intriguing idea.

The new ECOOKING station, created by Italian designer and architect Massimo Facchinetti for CLEI, is a multifunction vertical kitchen unit, designed to save space as well as energy. This clever all-in-one tower, which CLEI exhibited as part of its showcase at this year's Milan Furniture Fair, features all the usual kitchen appliances and fixtures you rely on daily — stove, oven, sink/dishwasher, and microwave, as well as a garden for herbs — stacked on top of one another in modules that pull-push out as you need them. 

Though solar panels will primarily power the unit, there's also a great benefit to the stacking components. An internal energy retrieval system allows for the appliaces to exchange excess heat and moisture, thus cutting down on the required amount of outside energy. And, since multitasking is the theme here, even water has several functions: excess water from the sink gets filtered and reused in the dishwasher, which then goes through a second filtration process to hydrate the vertical garden. READ MORE