Celebrity Chef John Tesar's Knife Burger to Open at New Food Hall in Texas

Celebrity Chef John Tesar's Knife Burger to Open at New Food Hall in Texas

Food halls, in general, are becoming wildly popular.

Earlier this year, Foodable reported on how this new dining category may become the next big thing with more fast casual restaurants joining forces to form part of a diverse collection of food offerings housed close together in one go-to destination for customer convenience.

The appeal for consumers, who want to eat healthier, support local farmers and fisheries while having different cuisines available to satisfy every craving, is there.

Our industry expert, Donald Burns, went out on a limb late last year predicting the rise of food halls, as he shared his favorite spots found around the U.S.

"Today, people, they want to mix it up… they want to try out new things. Nothing is better than going to a food hall with your friends and having lots and lots of different options available... There are [great] ones out there in the market. There’s one in Houston, Tex., called Conservatory… There’s another one: Avanti in Denver… also the Revival Food Hall in Chicago. Another great concept!,” said Burns.

Well, Fort Worth, Tex. is the next lucky city with development plans in place to create an exciting food hall in Crockett Row at West 7th.

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Fresh Local Peaches Crop Up on Dallas Menus

Fresh Local Peaches Crop Up on Dallas Menus

By Bev Garvin, Foodable Contributor

There’s nothing quite like a perfectly ripe, juicy and fragrant, fresh summer peach. Georgia and California lead U.S. peach production, but did you know Texas is the seventh largest producer of peaches in the U.S.? Peaches are considered a good source of fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, protein and other nutrients, and they’re one of the lowest calorie fruits, with virtually no sodium or cholesterol.

Torrential rains in Texas have cultivated a bumper crop of peaches that are appearing on restaurant menus throughout the Dallas metroplex, and they’re a perfect kick-off to the summer season.

Also knows as “stone fruits,” peaches are versatile ingredients that work well in a variety of recipes. Peaches round out savory dishes almost as well as they balance sweeter ones. No matter how you like to eat peaches -- freshly sliced, in salads, stewed into sauces, pickled, or grilled, for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or in desserts -- we’ve got you covered.

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New Restaurants in Dallas: Top Industry Picks

New Restaurants in Dallas: Top Industry Picks

By Rebecca Combs, Foodable Contributor

The Dallas dining scene is ever changing and always full of surprises, and this year is definitely an exciting one! From modern steakhouses to Latin American fare, here are the industry top picks for new restaurants in Dallas!

1. Knife 

Chef John Tesar has done it again! The James Beard nominee and former Bravo Top Chef contestant  — once crowned as “The Most Hated Chef in Dallas” by D Magazine — brought a new level of seafood to Dallas with Spoon Bar & Kitchen and has now set the “steaks” even higher.

Knife's approach is to be affordable and more of a meat restaurant than a typical steakhouse. Tesar is reinventing the steakhouse experience by bringing a fun and social experience to diners. From classic cuts to modern meats, there is something for everyone on the menu. And for those who aren’t meat lovers, Knife also offers handmade pasta, seafood, and vegetarian options. And don't forget the cocktails! Behind the bar menu is Dallas Cocktail King Michael Martensen. On his menu, you will see all the classics: Melon Ball, Sex on the Beach and Long Island Iced Tea. But you won't find any sour mixes or fake syrups — those have been replaced with fresh ingredients. Plus, you can also order modern cocktails like the Able Apple (gin, apple brandy, garnished with celery) or the OIM (martini with olive oil infused gin, vermouth, chartreuse and sea salt). Knife is located at the Hotel Palomar in Dallas and opened on May 15th. Stop in and come get #knifed! You won't be disappointed and you won't leave hungry.

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A Cut Above: Peeking Into John Tesar's Upcoming Knife

A photo posted from @KnifeDallas on Mar 10th of Knife's early developments. | Photo Credit: Twitter// @KnifeDallas

A photo posted from @KnifeDallas on Mar 10th of Knife's early developments. | Photo Credit: Twitter//@KnifeDallas

Don't call it a comeback. Or a steakhouse.

Anyone with a fork-wielding hand in the Dallas foodie scene has been talking about Chef John Tesar’s soon-to-be-open Knife. The modern steakhouse, er, steak restaurant, which is still under construction at the Hotel Palomar, is set to open at the end of this month. Knife will be replacing Central 214. (As of last week, Central 214 has confirmed with us that they are still taking reservations, but it was not made clear until when.)

Knife will use local meat suppliers, including 44 Farms, and its menu will include the usual steak restaurant suspects, with additional specialty cuts like beef cheeks, outside skirt, oxtail, and quite a few others. Read More