Cocktail Inspiration: 5 Bartenders Reveal Their Spin on Classic Cocktails

Cocktail Inspiration: 5 Bartenders Reveal Their Spin on Classic Cocktails

By Jessica Bryant, Managing Editor

You can’t go wrong with a classic. That sentiment continues to reverberate around bars all across the country, as cocktail culture cycles back to its roots with a renewed appreciation for simple, classic drinks.

Just as with any industry of expression (like fashion or art), trends tend to evolve backward as much as they do forward, their reintroduction met with new waves of appreciation. And as consumers become more educated drinkers, and start to understand the depths that one spirit alone holds, it seems almost cruel to mask the complex notes of the tastebuds by overdoing it. This demand of to-the-point simplicity can also be seen in the ever-progressing American dining culture. Journalist C.W. Ceram said it best: “Genius is the ability to reduce the complicated to the simple.”

What influences American culture to revive these trends once again? And how are bartenders around the country putting a modern spin on the classics? We’ve got you covered, below.

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Havana-Inspired La Descarga Takes Complex Cocktails to L.A.

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In this episode of Across the Bar, brought to you by the Foodable Network, we are in Los Angeles at La Descarga, a ’40s Havana, Cuba-inspired bar and cigar lounge. Self-taught Head Bartender Joseph Swifka takes us through the La Descarga experience, complete with whipping up three specialty cocktails for us — a play on a Dark & Stormy (with chai tea-infused rum, topped off with a black lager from Brazil); a more complex take on your typical mojito (with dry vermouth and a splash of absinthe); and a tequila-based cocktail called Jalisco Prairie Fire.