Lagasse's Stadium Named 2016 Sports Bar of the Year

Lagasse's Stadium  | Facebook

Lagasse's Stadium | Facebook

Earlier last month, Las Vegas hosted the Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show that celebrated the top establishments in the national beverage industry. In addition to hosting the awards, the Las Vegas bar scene also took home a number of top honors. 

Emeril Lagasse's Lagasse's Stadium was awarded the 2016 Sports Bar of the Year award and Nectacly Mendoza, bartender of Herbs & Rye, a speakeasy bar, was awarded Bartender of the Year. 

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Bar Business Becoming Central Attraction in Vegas

While gambling in casinos was once Vegas visitors' biggest draw, the tables are turning on the gambling mecca and tourism has begun shifting. Where as less than ten years ago, over 85% of adult visitors to Vegas engaged in some type of gambling while visiting, today only 71% percent gamble. Yet while the number of gamblers is declining, tourism numbers are still steady, suggesting that Vegas may need to create new draws to entertain these new types of  visitors.

Whereas in the past, bar programs were more of a second thought, with many supplementing casinos that allowed gamblers to drink for free, or operated inside of high-roller clubs that featured expensive bottle service, today bar programs have become central attractions of their own. Incorporating contemporary mixology trends to lure in customers, these revamped bar programs are now being given just as much attention as the city's top restaurants with local bartenders and mixologists receiving the same glamorization as celebrity chefs. Read More

Sherry Cocktails Now Trending on the Strip


Nationwide, sherry has been making quite the impressive comeback and the Las Vegas beverage scene is no different. A number of Vegas' top restaurants and bars have recently begun prominently featuring sherry on both wine lists and cocktail programs throughout the Strip.

At the Cosmopolitan, in addition to a number of sherry inspired cocktails, guests are offered a choice of sherry flights featuring a variety of styles ranging from oloroso to amontillado. At the Downtown Cocktail Room, bar manager Kevin Gorham features a sherry twist on the classic cobbler cocktail, entitled Peachy Cheeks, that includes both espresso and apricot. Gorham states that the next area he sees sherry heading is into the world of Tiki cocktails, offering patrons an intriguing blend of both spice and tropical fruit.  Read More

The Art of Flairtending on the Vegas Strip


Las Vegas is never one to shy away from theatrics and the city's bartending and mixology scene is no different.  In what is now referred to as flairtending, a growing movement has begun amongst bartenders on the Strip that involves incorporating showmanship and often circus-like skill alongside traditional cocktail mixing.  In schools such as the Las Vegas Flair Academy, wannabe flairtenders can learn to hone their craft by perfecting flairtending tricks such as juggling and twirling bottles while simultaneously crafting the perfect cocktails.

Yet while flairtending may seem to be all fun and games, it is taken very seriously amongst participants.  There are several competitions that the top flairtenders are invited to participate in and there is even a governing body that regulates official flairtending moves.

So will this kitschy trend catch on outside of Vegas? Or will the "art of flairtending" remain on the Strip?  Read More

Top Five Mixology Bars in Las Vegas

Foodable WebTV Network

Foodable WebTV Network

Alcohol is the fuel of Las Vegas. The catalyst of making bad decisions? Perhaps. But it's definitely an instrumental part in keeping the city swinging – for locals and tourists alike. When it comes to noteworthy drinks, it's only proper to head to a bar that specializes in the actual craft of mixology.

We recently stumbled upon a solid list of the Top 5 mixology bars in Las Vegas. Molecular garnishes made tableside? The Chandelier at Cosmopolitan can provide that and more. Perhaps a speakeasy is more your thing? Venture to Downtown Cocktail Room – if you can find the entrance. Read More