Vegas Health Officials Now Allow Outdoor Dining with Pets

Lawmakers in Las Vegas are looking to ease regulations currently prohibiting diners from bringing their dogs along with them on restaurant outings. While the Southern Nevada Health District began allowing for dog-friendly patios several months back with the welcoming of California's own Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar chain to the state, now this same relaxation of local statues has extended to Vegas as well.

While strict sanitation rules continue to exist, such as where dogs are able to enter, where they must remain during the meal, and how to handle any "accidents" that may occur, this new policy has enabled diners to explore new restaurant options with their furry friends. Currently, Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar, Egg Works, Egg & I and the Mt. Charleston Lodge are the first to offer dog-friendly patios, but this is expected to increase in the near future. Read More

Sourcing Sustainable Seafood in Las Vegas

Sourcing Sustainable Seafood in Las Vegas

By Lila Asnani, Foodable Contributor

According to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, Las Vegas welcomed a record of 41.1 million visitors in 2014. Las Vegas is ranked as the 4th most visited city in the US for 2015 according to Trip Advisor. Traveler’s Digest ranked Las Vegas as the 6th most popular city for foreign tourists in 2013.

Las Vegas is repeatedly touted as an oasis in the desert by travel publications. Unlike most oases though, Las Vegas does not have an abundance of water nearby so has to import almost all its food. Nowhere is this more evident than in the import of seafood to this city, which is undoubtedly a popular food destination.

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Life is Beautiful Festival to Feature Pop-Up Cooking Demonstrations

Life is Beautiful Festival  | Yelp, Amelinda L.

Life is Beautiful Festival | Yelp, Amelinda L.

Las Vegas' Life is Beautiful festival is looking to expand its culinary offerings by featuring a number of food and beverage inspired events at next month's event. Adding several pop-up cooking demonstrations, two mixology segments, and a number of expert chefs and bartenders on hand, the festival is also changing its focus away from featuring national celebrity chefs to a focus on the homegrown talent right here on the Strip. 

Working with only local chefs and mixologists this year, the organizers of the Life is Beautiful festival hope to highlight the immense culinary talent found within the city. Read More

Vegas Entrepreneurs Look to Establish Restaurant Row

Isabela's Seafood, Tapas & Grill  | Facebook

Isabela's Seafood, Tapas & Grill | Facebook

The shopping center in Desert Shores was created to function as a sort of restaurant row nearly twenty years ago when it first opened. Yet with only one to two restaurants operating inside the center at a time, it never reached its true potential. Today, a trio of entrepreneurs are looking to reinstate the center's function by opening several unique concepts inside.

The trio is behind newcomers Isabela's Seafood, Tapas & Grill and the Republic Kitchen & Bar as well as the upcoming Soho Pizza restaurant, a concept that originated in New York. Will these new concepts prove enough to transform the space into a culinary destination? Read More

Chef Spotlight: Other Mama’s Daniel Krohmer and the Making of Modern American Cuisine

Chef Spotlight: Other Mama’s Daniel Krohmer and the Making of Modern American Cuisine

By Lila Asnani, Foodable Contributor 

Meet Daniel Krohmer who is 35 years old and is the executive chef and owner of Other Mama restaurant in Las Vegas.  Daniel is originally from California and has had a varied experience in his 17 years in the food industry. 

Daniel started his career at a Japanese restaurant in Sacramento and then went on to work in Japan. He came back to the United States to work at a farm-to-table American restaurant in California. From there, he went on to a successful career with Morimoto in Philadelphia. He has also worked as the head chef for different musical acts such as the Coachella music festival and Taylor Swift.

Describe briefly the genesis of your restaurant.

DK:  I was burned out working for other people and the frustration of having to do other people’s food. It had always been in the back of my mind to open a restaurant and I wanted it to be product focused, simple and clean. I wanted my place to be neutral and not fit into a particular cultural parameter which is why I chose the name Other Mama, which has no cultural distinction. 

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