Mix It Up For National Ceviche Day with Pizco y Nazca's Peruvian Tiradito

Mix It Up For National Ceviche Day with Pizco y Nazca's Peruvian Tiradito
  • Pisco y Nazca chef Miguel Gomez shares his ceviche recipe for National Ceviche Day June 28th

  • Foodable goes Live in this Smart Kitchen episode to talk Peruvian flavors.

    On this episode of Foodable’s Smart Kitchen, we went LIVE in anticipation of National Ceviche Day, June 28th! Executive Chef Miguel Gomez of Pizco y Nazca, a Peruvian gastrobar in Miami, stopped in to show us his Tiradito Ceviche, a modern take on Ceviche Tradicional.

    Native to Peru, Chef Miguel reviews classic Peruvian flavors and how to make them shine. We talk fish sourcing, leche de tigre, and what makes a ceviche, a ceviche. Watch the playback above and check out the full recipe below!

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Poké 305 Brings Hawaiian-Latin Fusion to Miami's Brickell

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Video Produced by Denise Toledo

Poké 305 started as an idea by Founder Victoria Chediak. As a food blogger, Victoria was always in tune with food trends and was intrigued by the traditional Hawaiian dish, poké. Although poké has been gaining a lot of attention in the food world, Victoria noticed there weren’t really any poké options in Miami. That’s when she started thinking about what she could offer to the Brickell community.

“I went to the University of Miami. I sort of catered everything to what I felt there was a need for because I lived it first-hand,” said Victoria. “Working here, studying here, you know you need a lot of healthy options, a lot of 'grab-and-go'.”

Victoria got started on the concept with a little help from her father, Maurico. Maurico has experience opening businesses , which was especially helpful when opening Poké 305. But why ‘305’? Victoria wanted to put her own flare on the poké trend. Being from the city, she created a fusion by inserting some very ‘Miami’ flavors like guava and plantain chips.

“305 is the area code for Miami. Miami is not Hawaii but we have a lot of latin people, Latin community. We have Cuban community, Colombian, Venezuelan. So we tried to mix a little flavor, Latin flavor, into the Hawaiian dish.,” said Maurico.

Everything at Poké 305 is made from scratch, even the mayonnaise for their wasabi aioli! But Poké 305 offers more than just great flavors. Another thing that sets the Poké brand apart is their presentation and atmosphere. With nice big bowls, a fresh open space, and "instaworthy" photos of the food posted on social (this is where Victoria's past as food blogger comes to play) – customers first visit for the aesthetics, but stay for the tastes.