Documentary “For Grace” to Grace the Screen at Film Festival

Documentary “For Grace” to Grace the Screen at Film Festival

By Mae Velasco, Custom Content Manager

The restaurant industry is assessed for its consistency — in quality, in taste, but all too often, we forget that foodservice is turbulent, even choleric, as it is an industry that is entirely human and thrives on catering to people. And as we know, the essence of man is far from consistent.

Foodservice isn’t as clean-cut as its meal prep. The kitchen is heated beyond its food, stoves and ovens: chefs have a fiery passion, tempers flare, risks are high, and ideas are constantly sparked.

These are the stories that make the restaurant and hospitality segment, and these are the stories that make the Foodable Film Festival, the evening part of the agenda.  

“The Foodable Film Festival is specifically focused on the stories of our industry that invoke passion and education, which is what makes this event so special to the restaurant and hospitality space,” says Paul Barron, CEO and Founder of Foodable. “In fact, we are on a mission to help foster a new genre for filmmakers around the world. Our mission is lofty but achievable. We plan to reach 100 films and 10,000 film festival attendees by 2020.”

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