How Protein Bar Built a Good-For-You Movement of Superfans

How Protein Bar Built a Good-For-You Movement of Superfans

By Jessica Bryant, Managing Editor

Many restaurant concepts are bred from an idea that goes beyond wanting to start a business just to make money. Those in the industry know that starting a restaurant takes a lot of passion and dedication, and the money doesn’t come right away — in fact, most times, it takes a while to start making a profit. So without a great cause, goal or passion to hold onto, a restaurant is doomed from the start.

Chicago-based Protein Bar, a 20-unit fast casual concept offering up good-for-you food, was born on a cause that hits home for its founder, Matt Matros. Growing up as an overweight kid, Matros had heard every fat joke in the book. To take control of a healthier lifestyle, he turned to a high-protein diet and exercise, which returned noticeable results — he lost nearly 60 lbs in just 7 months. 

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Protein Bar CEO — Finding the Right Investors for Your Fast Casual

In this episode of Fast Casual Trends TV, brought to you by the Foodable Network, host Paul Barron is joined by Matt Matros, the founder of Protein Bar, a Chicago-based, good-for-you fast casual.

Watch the full episode to learn why being overweight ultimately led Matros to create Protein Bar, how to find great investors for your fast casual restaurant, and how Protein Bar is changing up the game when it comes to customer relationships.