HelloFresh Finds Success in U.S. Surpassing Blue Apron in Customer Growth

HelloFresh Finds Success in U.S. Surpassing Blue Apron in Customer Growth

Since the German meal-kit service, HelloFresh, went public late last year, the company more than doubled its customer base in the United States. This is thanks to its wise investment in marketing, which has propelled the business forward surpassing its biggest competitor— Blue Apron.

“HelloFresh’s customer base also grew to 1.5 million globally, making it much bigger than Blue Apron, whose customer base shrank 15 percent to 746,000 due to lowered marketing spending,” as reported by “Recode.” It’s important to note that “HelloFresh includes customers who’ve received free boxes toward its customer total while Blue Apron only counts paying customers,” which obviously adds to its overall customer count.

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Blue Apron Faces Layoffs After Lukewarm IPO

Blue Apron Faces Layoffs After Lukewarm IPO

On Wednesday, Blue Apron announced it will be implementing “a company-wide realignment of personnel to support its strategic priorities.”

Since going public in June of this year, Blue Apron has been hard at work fixing operational issues in order to grow subscriber numbers and also please investors’ expectations.

As Foodable reported in August, the first quarter report for Blue Apron revealed a surprising $238 million in revenue, a disappointing $31.6 million in losses, and a decline in subscribers (from 1 million to 938,000 customers) leading to a drop in shares.

Since then, the company has been forced to shrink its marketing budget, laid off 14 recruiters and launched a podcast in an effort to become more of a lifestyle brand around home cooking.

Now, the meal-kit competitor is faced to lay off approximately 6 percent of its staff across both corporate offices and fulfillment centers—  that figure will “probably amount to more than 250 layoffs” according to “TechCrunch.”

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AmazonFresh Partners With eMeals to Offer Affordable Meal Kits


Every time a company can provide choices and time saving solutions to its customers at a competitive price, it’s a win!

This is why this digital, meal-planning solutions company focused in providing easy-to-make recipes to everyday consumers, eMeals, is proving to be a competitive, emerging player in the meal kit market category.

Unlike BlueApron and other meal-kit services, eMeals does not pre-portion, package the recipe ingredients, but instead partners up with existing grocery stores and food delivery companies to provide affordable meal kits.

This week the economic meal-kit company announced AmazonFresh will be joining Walmart Grocery, Kroger ClickList, and Instacart as part of eMeals’ team of fulfillment partners to assist in grocery delivery and pickup services.

Certain fulfillment companies have partnerships with specific stores depending on the city they serve. For example, Instacart delivers groceries in Hollywood, Fla. from the following stores choises: Publix, Whole Foods Market, Costco, CVS, PetCo, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits and Sur La Table.

“Meal kits and online grocery programs are reshaping the grocery market, and we are the first company to combine those two trends,” said eMeals CEO Forrest Collier. “Adding AmazonFresh to our fulfillment lineup expands our reach to most of the top players in online grocery and advances our mission of giving customers more choice, flexibility and affordability than any other meal kit service.”

How eMeals it works:


After a meal plan is chosen each week (there are over 100 recipes to choose from weekly in the eMeals website or mobile app), a shopping list is generated automatically.

Subscribers to eMeals have the choice of picking-up the groceries themselves or opt to have their list integrated with existing grocery programs and have them delivered or ready for curbside pickup.

The service provides step-by-step recipes to help the home cook churn out daily meals depending on prefered diets.

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Albertsons Acquires Meal Kit Company Plated

Albertsons Acquires Meal Kit Company Plated

Move over Blue Apron, one of the meal kit company’s biggest competitors Plated is now making headlines.

One of the largest grocery store companies in the nation, Albertsons has announced that it is buying Plated for an undisclosed price.

While the meal kit industry as a whole has seen some impressive growth that is expected to continue, Blue Apron’s recent IPO has been perceived as “lukewarm.”

Plated, along with Hello Fresh, are the other meal kit companies gaining traction in the market.

Even Kraft is jumping on the meal kit bandwagon. The company has just partnered with Oprah on a meal program that will be available soon in brick and mortar retail stores.

But after Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods, the pressure on food companies to offer consumers more on-demand food options has drastically increased.

“Today’s consumer is looking for a variety of personalized shopping alternatives, and this transaction is the latest example of Albertsons Cos. meeting our customers wherever and however they like to shop,” said Bob Miller, chairman and CEO of Albertsons Companies in a press release. “With Plated, we’ve found a partner who shares our commitment to delicious, affordable food; superior technology and innovation; and world class customer service. Plated knows its customers better than anyone, and together we will accelerate our ability to serve them. We are excited to offer our customers more online options and fresh, quality ingredients along with distinctive recipes at their doorstep or through traditional shopping trips.”

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Generation Z, Welcome to the Conversation

Generation Z, Welcome to the Conversation

On this episode of The Barron Report, Host Paul Barron discusses with author and speaker David Stillman on how Generation Z (73 million strong) is the emerging worker and consumer base. The truth is most people are not talking about Gen Z, but it's time to start paying attention and listening to this group. As David Stillman says, "This really is one of the first times in history, in the generational conversation, where the younger generation is the authority figure..."

Listen to the episode for more!

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