The Sylvester Brings a Non-Alcoholic Buzz to Miami

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In today’s overcrowded food and beverage market, bar owners often struggle to make their bar unique. And in South Florida, competition is fierce. New bars and restaurants open and close every day, and the only way to stay afloat is to offer high quality products that are truly different.

The Sylvester, located in the heart of Miami, aims to do exactly that. This season of REACH explores the unique stories behind the making of emerging and successful food and beverage businesses in South Florida. The Sylvester was just established this year, and is already making a name for itself in the city.

Ben Potts, the bar director for The Sylvester, co-founded the joint with Chef Brian Nasajon after quitting a “miserable” job in investment banking.

“I quit my job without having a plan,” says Potts. His goal was to craft drinks that were truly innovative. “Non-alcoholic beverages are what we’re trying to push and highlight.”

In addition to typical alcoholic drinks, The Sylvester offers kombucha, an extensive coffee list, tea, and wellness water and cocktails infused with CBD. There are even a few mushroom elixirs on the menu.

“We’re trying to push the envelope from a cocktail perspective,” adds Potts. The goal, for him, is to allow customers to “reap the benefits of a medicinal product in a food and beverage setting.”

The bar is designed to look nostalgic and “very distinctly” Miami. With vintage wallpaper, retro stylings, and a wide selection of board games, the place immediately feels welcoming and familial.

Check out the full episode to learn more about the bar and some of the recipes behind the unique drinks available at The Sylvester!

Cocktail Menu Trends at The Anderson in the MIMo District of Miami

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On Across the Bar, we look for the best cocktail spots across the country. Hosted by industry expert and cocktail enthusiast, Paul Barron, this show brings insight into beer, wine, and spirits trends so that you can see first-hand where the bar scene is heading.

On this episode, Paul visits The Anderson in the up and coming MiMo District of Miami. The Anderson opened its doors in the Spring for 2016 by the creators of the popular brand Broken Shaker and was honored with the recent accolade of one of Esquire’s Best Bars in America for 2018. The Broken Shaker team is known for setting trends and the revamp at The Anderson shows how in tune this group is with the current cocktail scene.

Dave Simmons, the bar manager at The Anderson, walks Paul through the new cocktail and food menu that has an interesting twist, 1980s style. The Andersons’ interior design details, food menu, music, and cocktails capture the essence of the '80s– Hey, everything was better in the '80s, right? Well, maybe not the crime rate in Miami.

With cocktails like “Hey You Guys!” and “Ticket to Paradise” us '80s babies feel right at home. Pair that with the new menu which elevates the typical bar/food experience. Guests can experience a variety of plates, including the Fried Rice that comes with coconut basmati, sweet plantains, and crab, pork, chicken or veggies; or those looking for a vegan-friendly option can go with the Choripan, made with Atlas vegan chorizo or Proper chorizo, chimi-aioli and crispy onions served on a baguette; or stay close to your Miami roots with the Cuban Quesadilla with roasted pork, chihuahua cheese, ham, pickles and mustard.

Oh, and don’t forget to check out the back patio which features an authentic Caribbean rum shack!

Watch the episode above for more insights into The Anderson and cocktails from Across the Bar!


I Want My A+TV

  • Herp Infused New Amsterdam Vodka

  • Lime

  • Ginger Syrup

  • Ginger Beer


Ticket to Paradise

  • Spiced Infused Don Q Cristal Rum

  • Chinola Liqueur Swizzled with Lime

  • Mint

  • Passionfruit - Vanilla Reduction

  • Peychaud’s Bitters Float


Hey You Guys!

  • Dry Gin

  • Aperol with Lemon

  • Pineapple and Pink Peppercorn Reduction

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Downtown Miami's The Corner

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Located in downtown Miami, The Corner is a bar on the edge. Typical of Miami's bar scene, The Corner is open from 4 p.m. to 8 a.m. A go-to spot for both the locals and tourists, The Corner has something for everyone. Join Across the Bar host Paul Barron as he tries some of lead mixologist Aubrey Russell's one-of-a-kind (and seriously strong) cocktails, like the deadly Mexican Standoff. Cheers!