Foodable Labs Releases Miami's Top 25 Restaurant List

Foodable Labs Releases Miami's Top 25 Restaurant List

Hey there Miami! Did you miss us?

Foodable Labs is back to share the updated Miami Top 25 list. This compilation is based on a large consumer sample set and it has provided us with an exciting restaurant list that features 17 new spots to check-out.

What is great about Miami is the fact that it has something for every palate.

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Finka to Guests: “We’re Not in Miami Anymore”

@finkatableandtap, Instagram

@finkatableandtap, Instagram

Finka Table & Tap, a Foodable Miami Top 25 Restaurant, proves that with passion and dedication, anything is possible. When guests enter, something extraordinary happens: They are transported.

The gastropub — which chef/owner Eileen Andrade named after the farm her grandfather grew up on (another fun fact: he was the inspiration for her work ethic and culinary background at an early age) — has become well-known for its fusion of Korean, Cuban, and Peruvian cuisine, as well as its unusual location in a “very unassuming shopping center” in “the middle of nowhere.”

The cuisine was a no-brainer, Andrade admits in this episode of “Table 42”. “It’s bold flavors, it’s colorful, it’s saucy.”

“I want them to feel like they are not in Miami anymore…,” said Andrade. “And I just want them to know that anything is possible.”

How 3 Thriving Restaurants on the Outskirts of Miami Built a Loyal Clientele

How 3 Thriving Restaurants on the Outskirts of Miami Built a Loyal Clientele

By Kerri Adams, Foodable Contributor

Miami, like most big cities, is made up of many different neighborhoods with an array of culinary delights. Since August 2013, Foodable Labs has been tracking the top restaurants in the area each month by pulling consumer social data from the Restaurant Social Media Index (RSMI). The “Miami Top 25 Restaurants” ranking features restaurants that diners praise the most on social media over the span of a given month. But some of these restaurants are not actually in Miami. They are a bit north of the action, yet are still standing their ground against the best of the best restaurants in Miami.

Below, we take a look at these not-so-Miami gems and see what their formula is for success:

Bourbon Steak: Creating a Special Experience for Each Guest

Fine-dining American steakhouse Bourbon Steak is a Foodable Top 25 veteran, and has landed in the coveted No. 1 spot several times. Located 15 minutes from South Beach in the snowbird haven of Aventura, this Michael Mina restaurant is managed by two industry veterans, Executive Chef Gabriel Fenton, who directs the back of house, and Anibal Macias, the general manager. The team collaborates to achieve a singular goal: make the customer feel special.

“All we talk about in our lineups and meetings with the staff is how to make sure we go the extra mile for guests,” says Macias.

This is Macias’ seventh Michael Mina restaurant, so it’s safe to say he understands what diners want. He also recognizes the importance of consistently training restaurant staff. The staff is regularly educated with seminars to strengthen service techniques, wine and menu selections. It’s an ongoing training process.

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The Miami Chefs That are Taking Culinary to the Next Level

An array of dishes from Bun & Buns  | Foodable Network

An array of dishes from Bun & Buns | Foodable Network

Once upon a time, not so long ago (seriously not that long ago- a few months ago to be exact) the Miami restaurants were the ones with the lowest social scores out of all of the cities ranked on our Top 25 Restaurant lists. For more than a year, the Miami restaurants were ranked significantly below the average sentiment scores at 10+ points below the scores of all the other major culinary cities.

However, starting in October the social scores started to make a major climb and this January they launched up to just below the 170s. Just proving that the Miami culinary scene is heatin' things up. And with that said, we decided that there is no better time than now to showcase some of the hottest Miami chefs in this Vignette.

So what are some of the trade secrets from these Miami food heroes? After all, these are some of the chefs responsible for uppin' the restaurant ante in Miami with their culinary delights.

The Use of Modern Techniques 

Cooking has often been seen as an art, but it also can be rather scientific. Andres Meraz, the Chef de Cuisine at The Ritz uses liquid nitrogen to prepare oysters that are so chilled they smoke. Not only does the liquid nitrogen freeze the flavorful ingredients to be placed on the oysters, but it also creates a dish that the guest is sure to not forget. Other Miami restaurants are getting scientific– at Tongue & Cheek the beverage menu features nitrogen cocktails.

Why The Miami Culinary Scene Needs To Step It up

By Paul Barron, Foodable Founder

We have been tracking 15 food cities over the past 12 months, with monthly sentiment rankings that calculate millions of consumer conversations. This is what helps us understand where the hot restaurant scenes thrive. Of course NYC, San Francisco and Chicago lead the country in overall scoring and even LA, Dallas, DC and Boston come respectively close.  Foodable is a South Florida based network that films the best food, concepts, leaders and chefs worldwide. We rarely miss a beat when it comes to identifying the true leaders in the culinary world.

Come on, Miami

But, Miami needs to step it up. I cannot understand why an epicenter of culture, music, fashion and plain old cool people can’t break into the top restaurants in the country. With average sentiment scores 10+ points below all other major cities, Miami holds the bottom spot on food sentiment and restaurant quality of our entire Foodable Top 25 Cities. Read More