San Francisco’s Trick Dog Knows No Creative Limits

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Obscurely nestled in a multi-story townhouse in San Francisco lies Trick Dog, a James Beard nominated drinking establishment run by The Bon Vivants. The vibe is decidedly homey with a warehouse feel, as a canine-themed neighborhood bar should be.

In this episode of “Across the Bar,” brought to you by the Foodable Network, we are joined by Morgan Schick, the creative director at Trick Dog/The Bon Vivants, who fell in love with bartending while working as the head chef at a nightclub in Portland.

Schick walks us through three out-of-the-box cocktail creations — all named after calendar months and, naturally, dog names — including a drink built around a cheese garnish that includes whiskey, wine and beer.

How does Schick develop ideas for new drinks? What ingredient combinations are staples at Trick Dog? And how does the bar expedite service without sacrificing drink quality? Watch the full episode to find out!

Sneak Peek: Odd Drink Inspiration at San Francisco’s Trick Dog

There are many winning parts to a solid cocktail but perhaps the most overlooked property is one that doesn’t necessarily exist, so to speak: lack of boundaries. Cocktail innovation that truly inspires is new, fresh, and seemingly original — even if it was repurposed, shaken up, and influenced by an existing cocktail trend.

At James Beard nominated Trick Dog, a bar housed in a trendy warehouse in San Francisco, there are no rules. In this sneak peek, Bar Manager Morgan Schick shows us what he’s got up his sleeve. Drinks inspired by calendar months, and a cocktail that pairs with cheese garnish? Check, check.

Stay tuned for the full “Across the Bar” episode, coming soon!