Top Products for Operators from NAFEM 2017

Video Produced by Denise Toledo

On this episode of "On Foodable Weekly: Industry Pulse," we continue last month's conversation around the NAFEM 2017 show. The National Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers holds its Equipment and Supply show every other year for members to showcase their newest products to thousands of buyers in the foodservice industry. On the last Industry Pulse, we looked at some of the best chef products showcased at NAFEM 2017. This week, we're taking a closer look at the coolest products we saw available to operators. You won’t want to miss these!

Steelite Thrill

The Thrill machine from Steelite International both chills and sanitizes glassware — with style. By simply pushing a glass down on the Thrill for three seconds, the Thrill sanitizes the glass with 88 percent microbial reduction. Another six seconds and the glass is chilled to 40 degrees below, “so the drink that you’re charging 10 bucks for is actually more enjoyable,” says Steelite International VP of National Accounts, Terry Tanael. Using CO2 gas, the Thrill can fit on any bartop or be built into your bar for even more space saving. Plus, your customers will love the experience!

RATIONAL SelfCookingCenter®

The RATIONAL SelfCookingCenter® can cook virtually anything you need with the push of a button. It has settings for poultry, meat, fish, egg dishes, baking, sous vide, and more. This product makes bulk cooking a breeze and can cook a number of different items at different temperatures and with different settings — all at the same time. National Corporate Chef for RATIONAL USA William Buck demonstrates for us how to use the grill setting for 20 steaks at once, but RATIONAL has the SelfCookingCenter® in sizes allowing chefs to make 120 steaks at a time! And once cooking is done, the SelfCookingCenter® cleans itself, too!

Franke BKON Craft Brewer

Using reverse atmospheric infusion, the BKON craft brewer can infuse almost any liquid imaginable! Using a vacuum, BKON extracts organic material with any solvent from water to wine to chicken stock! Using the touchscreen settings, users can use a number of categories to personalize their infusion. Franke is excited to see how chefs experiment with this new product.

Play the episode to see these cool products in action! And watch our last Industry Pulse episode to see some of the best products for chefs at NAFEM 2017!

Top Products for Chefs from NAFEM 2017

Video Produced by Denise Toledo

Thousands of prep, cooking, storage, and table service products are on display for operators, dealers and consultants every other year at the National Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers' Equipment and Supply Show. This year's show, held in Orlando, Fla., entertained attendees with new products, interactive demonstrations, and lots of delicious bites!

Chefs, looking to heat things up in the kitchen? Here were the hottest finds we found for you after walking up and down every aisle.

PolyScience Smoking Gun

The Smoking Gun lets chefs infuse a smoky flavor into almost anything, acting as an alternative to traditional smoking methods. Salads, chocolate, sauces, butter, fruits, and even drinks can now be cool-smoked to create unique culinary innovations. With the Smoking Gun chefs, can use wood chips, teas, herbs, hay, and dried flowers to infuse their dishes. This product opens chefs to a number of new possibilities.

Woodstone Gas Plancha

The Woodstone Gas Plancha was originally developed for Chipotle. Now hitting the public market, the Woodstone Gas Plancha outperforms most planchas by reaching 650 degrees. Not to mention its ability to hold any temperature with zero recovery time! The plancha also has four different zones, each with its own temperature setting, meaning you can cook foods at four different temperatures all at the same time.

Comark Waterproof Pocketherm Folding Thermometer

Turning even the most basic chef supplies digital, Comark has removed the work from logging temperature data. With the Waterproof Pocketherm Folding Thermometer, you simply measure the temperature and move on. All temperature data is stored for you and can be accessed via any web browser. It can be folded for storage, and is waterproof, too!

Keep your eye out for our next episode showing some of the best products we saw available for brands at NAFEM 2017!