How Hot Are These Hot Concepts?

How Hot Are These Hot Concepts?

By Kerri Adams, Editor-at-Large

Foodable Labs is tracking the restaurant industry on social 24/7.

If you are not familiar with the Restaurant Social Media Index, it tracks consumer social data through five tracking categories- Sentiment, Influence, Engagement, Social Restaurant Visits, and Mobile Engagement.

Social Restaurant Visits (SRVs) are particularly important because it’s an excellent way to measure Social ROI.

SRVs include a variety of data points for direct social visits, intent to visit or a return & refer mention. This can be when a customer mentions, takes a picture, or performs a "check in" on social media referencing a restaurant’s location either in the post or it's recorded in the geo-metadata.

The RSMI’s proprietary methodology for SRVs digs into as many as five levels deep in a conversation to harvest the Social Restaurant Visits.

To put it simply, if a restaurant brand is seeing an increase in SRVs, the stores are evidently seeing an increase in foot traffic.

In July, Nation’s Restaurant News released the 2016 Hot Concept award winners. Five emerging restaurant concepts are editorially selected to be featured. We decided to take a closer look at these concepts in relation to their SRVs.

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