Andean Dream's Organic Quinoa Pasta Solves the Gluten-Free Texture Issue

Andean Dream's Organic Quinoa Pasta Solves the Gluten-Free Texture Issue
  • Andean Dream's Organic Quinoa Pasta Solves the Gluten-Free Texture Issue.

  • Andean Dream Supports Farmers from Bolivia with its Dairy free, Corn Free, Nut free, Soy free pasta.

Ingrid Hirstin-Lazcano founded Andean Dream in 2006 after her husband Fernando Lazcano-Dunn introduced her to the struggles of the indigenous quinoa farmers in Bolivia. Fernando was serving as the Consul General of Bolivia in Los Angeles and introduced Ingrid to the farmers who, at the time, were living well below the poverty line.

AIming to provide help to these families, she developed quinoa cookies in her kitchen, and in June 2006, traveled to Bolivia to connect with a quinoa supplier who had obtained organic certification for 280 indigenous farming families. These families became her dedicated supplier for this superfood.

Now, Andean Dream also produces a line of gluten-free, allergen-friendly pasta that is making a name for themselves. A great option for consumers with special dietary demands, all the pastas are free from gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, corn, and nuts. All products are also non-GMO and Fair trade.

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Avoid the Hangover With Georgos' Healthier (Nu) Greek Wine

On this episode of The Barron Report, we talk to a winemaker focused on making a "better-for-you" wine. Native to Greece, Georgos Zanganas had a rude awakening when he had a couple glasses of wine leaving him with a terrible headache. Realizing what made Greek wine special, Georgos set out to bring Greek wine to America. With only non-GMO grapes and low sulfites, Georgos wines are said to be healthier.

Show Notes

  • 1:02 - The Beginning
  • 2:07 - Where are the Greek Wines?
  • 3:31 - Making Georgos Wines
  • 5:28 - What does (Nu) Greek Wine mean?
  • 7:28 - Partnering with Whole Foods
  • 9:11 - Customers respond to Lower Alcohol Content
  • 16:45 - The Rosé Movement
  • 14:42 - The Impact of the Sonoma Fires
  • 16:25 - Supporting the Fight against Alcohol Addiction

Only Organic and Clean Ingredients at green2Go in California

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green2Go is a fast-casual concept started by two moms who were having a hard time finding healthy fast food that they felt was good enough to feed their children. After discussing their frustrations, Joulia Hantas-Kalah and Anita Allison decided they would open their own restaurant. Serving only clean, healthy ingredients, green2Go has created a loyal following in California.

What exactly is "clean" food? Anita explained what it means to them in just a few words: “Basically, it’s all natural.” Joulia added, "It’s real food! At the end of the day, we feel someone at some point has to draw that line, and that’s what we chose to do and how we opened in 2012.”

Joulia said some restaurants have tried to provide clean food, but they are often hindered by how difficult it can be to keep clean ingredients fresh because of their lack of preservatives. This leads those restaurants creating modified menus serving only the clean ingredients they are able to control. However, the green2Go duo didn’t want to change what people were eating. They simply wanted to make those dishes cleaner. So they took dishes like burgers, tacos, and rice bowls, and served them — just with better ingredients.

What do they use? Ingredients like antibiotic-free chicken, bread without high-fructose corn syrup, organic tomatoes, non-GMO corn tortillas, locally sourced blue cheese, and cage-free eggs. To keep their ingredients fresh, Joulia and Anita decided to invest in better storage.

“We’ve tried different things from getting lids that are always cracking, or plastic wrapping things as tight as you can get it, but still, it’s an imperfect world that we’ve created. But now we’ve saved about a 1.5 percent reduction in food costs just by being able to extend the shelf life of produce and not have as much waste,” Joulia said.

As restaurants start to turn towards serving better-for-you menus, Joulia and Anita are looking forward to the future.

“It makes us feel good because it makes our bottom line. It helps us afford our ingredients a little better now because the more people — supply and demand!” Joulia said.

Watch how this clean fast casual makes it all possible on this episode of "Fast Casual Nation."