IFMA's 61st Annual Gold & Silver Plate Awards

IFMA's 61st Annual Gold & Silver Plate Awards

With presence across the nation, a menu of comfort food, and all-day breakfast available 24/7, Denny’s has become America’s diner. But that certainly doesn’t mean soggy pancakes, stale coffee and smoky booths. Denny’s, like many other successful restaurants over the past decade, has evolved to meet consumer demands. And it has done so gracefully, without losing its voice or brand ethos.

Denny’s evolution has significantly ramped up in the past few years under the strategic direction of Denny’s President and Chief Executive John Miller. Under this management, Denny’s Restaurants has successfully rolled out a Millennial-focused, fast casual branch-off for college campuses called The Den. It has also gone through a significant real estate remodeling and rebranding, has added healthier options to its menus, and has even opened an upscale diner in Manhattan, complete with a full bar.

It’s this spirit of innovation that encapsulates what it means to be deemed an International Foodservice Manufacturers Association (IFMA) Gold Plate Award Winner, an honor that Miller received at this year’s 61st Annual Gold & Silver Plate Awards celebration.

The Gold & Silver Plate Awards are to foodservice operations what the James Beard Awards are to culinary.

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