Blue Apron Faces Layoffs After Lukewarm IPO

Blue Apron Faces Layoffs After Lukewarm IPO

On Wednesday, Blue Apron announced it will be implementing “a company-wide realignment of personnel to support its strategic priorities.”

Since going public in June of this year, Blue Apron has been hard at work fixing operational issues in order to grow subscriber numbers and also please investors’ expectations.

As Foodable reported in August, the first quarter report for Blue Apron revealed a surprising $238 million in revenue, a disappointing $31.6 million in losses, and a decline in subscribers (from 1 million to 938,000 customers) leading to a drop in shares.

Since then, the company has been forced to shrink its marketing budget, laid off 14 recruiters and launched a podcast in an effort to become more of a lifestyle brand around home cooking.

Now, the meal-kit competitor is faced to lay off approximately 6 percent of its staff across both corporate offices and fulfillment centers—  that figure will “probably amount to more than 250 layoffs” according to “TechCrunch.”

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Is Amazon Intruding or Pushing the Fast-Food Industry Forward?

Is Amazon Intruding or Pushing the Fast-Food Industry Forward?

The fast-food industry is lagging behind and it knows it.

On the other hand, Amazon seems to be moving light speeds ahead in contrast to its food competitors.

Recently, Foodable reported on how Amazon is a brand that is “plugged in” as opposed to the rest of the restaurant industry. Foodable Labs, our sister data company, predicted the Seattle-based company will absorb 25 percent of restaurant visits by the year 2020.

As the logistics, online-retail giant moves forward with its new projects and initiatives, it moves the company closer towards their food logistics goals.

As reported by “Business Insider,” "Amazon is going to try and figure out ... how to use their customer engagement, customer knowledge, and distributions to encroach on anyone's business they can," said Sonic CEO Cliff Hudson.

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Restaurant Technology Series – Mobile Millennials

In this On Foodable Feature, brought to you by the Foodable Network, as part of our Restaurant Technology Series we sit down with the Chief Rockstar of LevelUp, Michael J. Hagan and the Founder and CEO of Olo, Noah Glass to talk about mobile trends and what will be the "killer app" of the restaurant industry. Watch the full episode to see these industry experts discuss the hot topic of mobile payments and how restaurants will be offering these forms of payment because consumers are ready to start using them. 

The Future of Mobile Technology in Restaurants

Foodable WebTV Network

Foodable WebTV Network

As consumers, we often look at mobile and technology in the restaurant landscape according to what is (emerging of tablets! touchscreen ordering kiosks!) and what has been (not much to report on here), but in order to grow and stay ahead of the curve, connecting the dots to what will be is essential. 

According to Noah Glass, CEO of mobile ordering technology OLO, drive-thru orders boast a 90% accuracy rate at best, with many falling extremely short of that. And consumers usually don’t find this out until they get home (sound familiar?). To this, Glass envisions a future of replacing muffled intercoms with mobile ordering systems, customized and provided directly by the guest, which would send a direct order to the POS and to the kitchen – kind of like some in-store is doing now, but for to-go orders. This is just one of the few facets of a dining experience that mobile technology could potentially take over. Read More

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