How On-Brand Music Programs are Enhancing the Guest Experience

Music plays a pivotal role in a restaurant's ambiance. It helps to convey the vibe you want your restaurant to have. However, as Adam Melrose, the chief playlist officer of Control Play, says music tends to take a back seat.

But music can really enhance the brand experience in multiple ways, starting with the team members at the restaurant.

"Music has a lot to do even with just the energy of the staff members," says Melrose in the video. "If the staff is having more fun, their gonna have more fun with your customer."

Music on loudspeakers is common, but at most restaurants, there are also TV screens meant to add entertainment value. Mostly, sports or ChiveTV are popular programs being played for diners.

Melrose points out that in 2017, 25 percent of all music listened to all over the world was done while watching music videos. With that being said, playing music videos on screens has its advantages from an operator standpoint.

"Once the videos are part of the experience, people are staying longer and that equates to another drink or another shareable or a just longer stay time, which only increases how much money they're going to spend while there," says Melrose.

Unlike Pandora or Spotify, Control Play creates custom video entertainment specifically for restaurants and bars. With over 5,000 venues using the service in North America, Control Play curates a playlist specifically for your restaurant and the experience you want to convey. The playlist is constantly updated too, meaning the same old' songs won't be playing over and over to torture your staff.

What role does music play at your restaurant? Watch the On Foodable Feature episode above to learn more about Control Play and how music and video can enhance your customers' dining experience.

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