Providing Your Staff a Quality Team Member Experience


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Episode 4: Team Member Experience

A restaurant is only as successful as the team responsible for running it. As Rock My Restaurant Pro co-host Bill Bender explains, providing a positive experience is crucial to team success.

Team member experience consists of more than just an employee’s relationship with their peers. It includes their experience with the culture of the restaurant, as well as the design of the facility.

“Whether it’s prep cook, line cook, somebody making salads or dessert — Is their workstation set up correctly? Is it ergonomically correct? Do they have all the tools they need at that workstation to get the job done without being completely miserable running back and forth to the walk-in or to the pot sink?” are the questions fellow co-host Eric Norman asks.

Millennials in the Workforce

It is also important to consider what is important to your team. In this age, we see a lot more millennials coming on as team members in restaurants. With high digital literacy and an increased concern for the environment, managers might find they need to provide modern technologies and environmental conservation strategies. You can build loyalty in team members who take pride in representing your company.  

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