Why Data Ownership Should Be Key When It Comes to Tech in Foodservice

According to the National Restaurant Association’s State of the Industry 2019 report, “more than 8 in 10 restaurant operators agree that the use of technology in a restaurant provides a competitive advantage, and many are planning to ramp up their investments in technology in 2019.

This is great news for consumers but with so many choices in the technology sector, operators can be left feeling overwhelmed.

What’s important to remember is whichever tech advancement— whether it's their POS, online ordering, smartphone app, mobile payment, or loyalty program— operators decide to prioritize, it must make sense for their type of business and unique customer needs.

Watch the video above to learn how BurgerFi accurately figured out what tech advancements make sense for their business to get a proper ROI and how data ownership must be a priority in this day and age!

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Vanessa Rodriguez

Vanessa Rodriguez

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Resy is Using Machine Learning to Help Restaurants Turn Tables More Efficiently

Resy is Using Machine Learning to Help Restaurants Turn Tables More Efficiently

On this episode of On Foodable: Industry Pulse, we talk to Stephanie Cohen, head of sales for Resy, as she explains how the CRM platform helps restaurants better run their front of house operations.

The company launched in New York City in 2014 and is co-founded by innovators and entrepreneurs Ben Leventhal, Michael Montero, and Gary Vaynerchuk. Resy features complete restaurant reservations and waitlist system, table management, ticketing, web and app booking, CRM, and POS.

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The Technology Blueprint for Off-Premise Sales Growth

The Technology Blueprint for Off-Premise Sales Growth
  • Technology is the number one operational enabler that connects all the dots on the multi-channel, on-demand customer experience.

  • Slow down and understand your customer, they are your greatest resource when it comes to understanding your business. 


Technology also simultaneously opens up the back-end world of restaurant operations for the entire enterprise. But due to the breakneck speed of technology innovation and uncertainty over standards and norms in off-premises operations, the segment is earning a reputation as ‘the wild west’ of the restaurant industry. However, technology roadmaps that create a seamless customer experience are not only possible, they’re the only way to survive the battles that await operators. In episode three of The Takeout, Delivery, and Catering Show, we sit down with Mo Asgari, President of MonkeyMedia Software, to break down the barriers operators face and will highlight the best technology design for modern-age full-scale deployments.

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Breadcrumb Live — Real-Time Management Outside of Your Restaurant

In this On Foodable Feature, brought to you by the Foodable Network, we are celebrating the launch of Breadcrumb’s new rollout, Breadcrumb Live. For those who don’t already know, Breadcrumb, which launched in 2011, is an iPad-based POS system for the restaurant industry that was acquired by Groupon. 

There are so many options these days when it comes to restaurant technology, especially for POS. However, while these systems continue to become more modernized and less clunky, it’s something that operators still struggle with. This is especially the case for multi-store operations, where changing out a system like POS can become costly, complicated and time-consuming.

In this episode, Breadcrumb Founder Seth Harris joins us to discuss the pain points he was aiming to solve when starting the company, and how Breadcrumb continues to address them. For starters, Breadcrumb took an already available device (iPads) for its hardware, made the software cloud-based so that anyone can access it once they’ve signed up, and is completely customizable and accessible from any web browser. Because of this, Breadcrumb is able to be sold at a less expensive cost than most POS systems.

So, what’s different about Breadcrumb’s new Breadcrumb Live feature?

Breadcrumb Live allows for operators and managers to access all POS data from their restaurant in real-time right from their mobile — anytime, anywhere (you don’t need to physically be in the restaurant to access it). Breadcrumb Live is an iPhone app, and its data allows restaurant decision makers and higher-ups to keep a direct pulse on their restaurant operations while away from the establishment. Breadcrumb Live highlights real-time sales, real-time number of guests/checks/covers, ranged data to compare sales growth (or decline) from week to week, and an overview of trends over time.

We’ll cheers to that.

Watch the full episode, above, to learn more!

Why Online Ordering is the Future of POS

Why Online Ordering is the Future of POS

By Brandon Hull, Foodable Industry Expert

If you think online ordering is all about letting customers order from your website, let's broaden those horizons today, shall we?

Of all the strategic programs you could launch to attract new customers to your restaurant in 2015, I'd put online ordering at the top of the list. There, I said it.

Now, the keyword in that last sentence is “programs,” as I firmly encourage restaurants big and small to craft a data strategy first and foremost. But if you're dead-set on jumping to launch a tangible program for customers and your restaurant executives to see, online ordering is where it’s at.

That means I've vaulted the value of online ordering over deploying a mobile app, launching a loyalty program, or accepting Apple Pay. Heresy in some circles, I realize.

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