Philadelphia's Founding Fathers Revival

Philadelphia's Founding Fathers Revival

By Kae Lani Kennedy, Foodable Contributor

In Philadelphia locals and tourists alike enjoy walking in the footsteps of our nation’s Founding Fathers. Visitors can stroll the same cobblestone streets as George Washington, sit in Franklin Court where Benjamin Franklin once lived and even stand in the room where the Declaration of Independence was signed. But another way Philadelphia brings this rich history to life is through recreating the favorite recipes of the America Revolution’s most prominent statesmen.

Eating History

City Tavern, located in Old City, offers an experience that will immerse guests in 18th century culture. In the early 1770’s, City Tavern served as the meeting place for revolutionaries to talk about issues and plan a new nation. Though it is rebuilt, the City Tavern stands where the older building once stood, and is reconstructed to look exactly like the original, while including modern facilities.  

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