NoWait App Featured in Over 20 Local Phoenix Restaurants

NoWait Mobile Technology  | Facebook

NoWait Mobile Technology | Facebook

Long waits for a table are one of consumers biggest pet peeves about eating out and newly introduced NoWait app is seeking to offer a solution.  Unlke similar structured reservation apps, NoWait allows consumers the ability to get on a restaurant's wait list without being there in person.  

According to representatives from the company, NoWait claims that restaurants utilizing its services experience a sales boost as the app allows for easier customer engagement

Already utilized at over twenty local restaurants, including some larger national chains such as Buffalo Wild Wings, NoWait claims to seat more than ten million diners each month.   Read More

Someburros Rebrands to Take on Competitors

Someburros' New Menu Design |  Facebook

Someburros' New Menu Design | Facebook

Mexican chain Someburros, which operates six locations in the Tempe area, has recently undergone a total rebranding of their concept to bring their image up-to-date.  In a process that took over eight months of researching consumer habits, Someburros introduced a number of new changes to their chains involving new interior and exterior design, logos, menus, and to-go packaging. 

Someburros president Tim Vasquez claims that these changes were meant not just to bring the chain closer in line with their competitors but also to improve the overall guest experience, working to satisfy current customers along with attracting new ones.  Vasquez hopes that these changes will allow Someburros to remain relevant in an ever-evolving market. 

Learn more about Someburros rebranding efforts here

Dinner Lab Arrives in Phoenix

Dinner Lab Menu  | Facebook

Dinner Lab Menu | Facebook

With a presence in 26 cities across the country, New Orleans based Dinner Lab is set to arrive in Phoenix in April.  Dinner Lab is known best for hosting a series of pop up meals in a number of nontraditional venues.  Menus and locations are never repeated and the multi-course meals are specially created by a select group of local chefs who seek to give diners a truly unique culinary experience. 

New to Phoenix, Dinner Lab plans to host monthly offerings to its members, featuring a communal dining format meant to foster interaction and to strengthen the local foodie community.  Alongside offering truly unique dining experiences, Dinner Lab also seeks to develop local culinary talent and guests are able to rate their meals and give chefs critical feedback crucial to their culinary development.   

While the exact location will only be released the day before the dinner, buzz about Dinner Lab’s arrival is already at a high within Phoenix’s local community. 

Learn more about Dinner Lab’s move to Phoenix here

Phoenix’s Crudo Combats Overfishing by Serving “Trash Fish”

Yellowtail Collar  | Crudo Facebook

Yellowtail Collar | Crudo Facebook

Overfishing is a very real problem facing the culinary world and Phoenix’s own Crudo has joined a small group of restaurants and chefs that are fighting back. 

Looking to promote sustainable dining options, Crudo’s chef Cullen Campbell has introduced trash fish to his menu.  Trash fish refers to both the dishes crafted from the parts of the fish, such as bones and roe, which most chefs simply throw away as well as to the less popular fish typically tossed overboard by fisherman in favor of more common species like ahi, sea bass and cod. 

By serving dishes crafted from the “leftover” parts of a fish, restaurants are able to eliminate wastage.  And working with lesser known fish that are both plentiful and affordable allows chefs to relieve the pressure on overfished species while simultaneously offering diners a chance to experience new dining alternatives. 

Yet while these trash fish dishes are just as flavorful as those prepared with more traditional fish, chefs are still finding it difficult to procure these alternatives as suppliers remain hesitant to stock them.  Campbell remains positive about these challenges and predicts that trash fish will join the likes of the organic and local food movements and soon evolve into a mainstream trend. 

Do you think the trash-fish movement will catch on?  Read More

Superbowl Gives the Phoenix Culinary Scene a Chance to Shine

Bacon Wrapped Dates at District American Kitchen & Wine Bar  |

Bacon Wrapped Dates at District American Kitchen & Wine Bar |

The West Coast is about to get a lot of visitors with the upcoming Super Bowl. And this is a great opportunity for Phoenix to show off as a major culinary player. With that in mind– the city has launched a new initiative, which aims to promote the local culinary scene. It will be rolled out anytime there is a massive event in Phoenix.  

To prepare for the influx of hungry diners, restaurants in downtown Phoenix, especially near the confines of the Super Bowl Central, are preparing menu specials. As part of the new initiative the promotion DTPHX City Sampler was created– 20 downtown restaurants will be offering $5 deals that include two signature menu items. Some of the $5 deals include a 6-ounce pour of an Arizona craft beer and two bacon-wrapped dates at District American Kitchen & Wine Bar. The $5 deal will be also available at Mother Bunch Brewing– which includes any Mother Bunch beer and a small basket of house-made Salty Pork Rinds. The program begins on Friday, Jan. 23 and runs through Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 1.

Other restaurants will be going over and beyond to entice diners, such as La Piazza Phx on First Street. The Pizza joint will be setting up a temporary outdoor sitting area and has hired a bartender for the week. Read More