Automation, the Latest Pizza Technology Alleviating Labor

Robots in the kitchen, sounds like a dream right? Well, 2018 brings the dawn of a new era in the foodservice industry, automation.

Automation, as defined by Techopedia, is the creation of technology and its application in order to control and monitor the production and delivery of various goods and services.

One particular area that’s booming for foodservice automation, is pizza.

Graphic Created by:  Rachel Brill

Graphic Created by: Rachel Brill

Startups like Silicon Valley-based Zume Pizza was founded in 2015 with the idea of cutting out laborious work for its employees, allowing them to move into more creative roles. The pizza startup has a total of six robots in its line of production to alleviate repetitive work.

Up and coming pizza restaurants aren’t the only ones adding robots to their concepts. A Pizza Hut branch located in South Korea has introduced a robot waiter, Dilly Plate. The addition to the restaurant is an effort to lessen staff pressures.

This boom in pizza technology is not the end. According to Technavio, the market for robots in the foodservice industry will experience a 29% compound annual growth rate from 2015 through 2019.

However, it may pose a threat to restaurant employees. A 2017 report from Cornerstone Capital Group states, between 6 million and 7.5 million U.S. jobs are at risk “in the coming years” due to automation, but Zume Pizza CEO Alex Garden doesn’t see it that way.

“For the first time in 20 years, we have more job openings than jobless people. We have to solve that problem,” Garden said. “When we automate a dangerous, repetitive task, we don’t get rid of that person. We train them and promote them and allow them to do more meaningful work.”

To learn more about how automation is impacting pizza restaurants, be sure to watch the video above an read more at Forbes.

NFL Inks New Official Sponsorship Deal Hours After Cutting Ties with Papa John’s

NFL Inks New Official Sponsorship Deal Hours After Cutting Ties with Papa John’s

On Wednesday, Pizza Hut announced it had signed a multi-year agreement to serve as the NFL's new official pizza sponsor. The announcement comes one day after Papa John’s announced it had ended it’s NFL sponsorship deal according to "Business Insider."

Papa John's new CEO Steve Ritchie, who took over for founder John Schnatter in December, told investors Tuesday that Papa John's would be shifting its marketing from the NFL as a whole to focus on specific teams and players.

Papa John's and the NFL said in a statement that they made a "mutual decision" to end the pizza chain's official league sponsorship deal, bringing an end to Papa John's 8-year run as the official pizza of the NFL.

Back in November, then-CEO Schnatter blamed the National Football League's leadership for hurting the company's performance because it had not resolved the ongoing controversy over players kneeling in protest during the National Anthem.

With the end of the NFL deal, Papa John's is "redirecting investments" towards new technology, as 60% of the chain's sales are made through digital channels.

Ritchie said that the chain has been "perceived to be too expensive" and will double down on value going forward. Papa John's is additionally planning to expand its menu, according to executives.

After the announcement, shares of Papa Johns shed as much as 8 percent in aftermarket trading, says “CNBC.” 

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These Pizza Brands are Getting Futuristic and It's Out of This World

These Pizza Brands are Getting Futuristic and It's Out of This World

Pizza remains as a consumer favorite, even as today's diner gravitates to more healthier eating options. 

Pizza is often affordable, easy-to-eat, customizable, and delicious. 

As the market sees an influx of fast casual pizza brands, the more concepts are having to compete for the attention of the pizza-lovin' consumer. 

That's why several of these brands are leveraging technology to get ahead of the competition. 

Zume Pizza, for example, is a Silicon Valley-based company that is store-less and has a team of robots that assist in making the pizzas. Specifically, the robot named Doughbot presses the dough in a pizza circle in nine seconds.

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How Houston Restaurants are Giving Back to the Local Community Post-Hurricane Harvey

How Houston Restaurants are Giving Back to the Local Community Post-Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane season is upon us and as another beast of a storm comes tumbling our way, Texas is still recovering from Hurricane Harvey. 

People’s houses, businesses, and even lives has been destroyed in a matter of days. 

But out of the bad comes the good. In these times of hardship, we really see America’s charitable spirit. Millions have been donated and there have been so many volunteers after the storm that they are being turned away.

JJ Watt’s Hurricane Harvey relief fund has raised over $20 million.

But celebrities and super star athletes aren’t the only ones donating and offering a helping hand to those impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Big food businesses and local restaurants are doing their part to help Harvey’s victims. 

Kellogg Company has donated $100,000 to Feeding America and other relief organizations in the Gulf area. The cereal company has also donated over a million servings of its products and snacks to the Houston food bank.

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