That's Amore - Seattle's Wood Fired Pizza Scene

That's Amore - Seattle's Wood Fired Pizza Scene

By L.M. Archer, Foodable Contributor

In Seattle, where there’s wood, there’s fire. Wood fired pizza, to be exact. The wood fired pizza scene scorches a wide swath through the Jet City, fueled in part by a raft of local craft breweries, artisan cider houses, and boutique wineries.  From funky Georgetown to hip Capitol Hill, upscale University Village to suburban Woodinville, Seattle foodies feed their cravings at a bevy of Vesuvian-inspired venues. 

While not all Seattle wood fired pizza makers belong to Verace Pizza Napolitana (VPN), the American Delegation of the Associazione Vera Pizza Napoletana, most respect its tenets. The international organization, a non-profit founded by a band of Neapolitan pizza makers eager to cultivate their 300-year old art of pizza making, was officially established by the Italian government in 1984 as a Denomination of Control (DOC). Legally, the association provides designations to those pizzerias that follow the strict requirements and traditions of this culinary art.  

Requirements include specifications about the type of oven used, baking temperatures, length of baking time, type of flour used, and other ingredients. While ingredients and preparation methods may vary at Seattle’s wood fired pizza venues, dedication to delivering diabolically delicious pies does not.

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