South American Cuisine Takes Off in Portland

Throughout Portland, a new crop of South American restaurants have been opening all over the city. From Peruvian and Chilean to Argentinian and Brazilian, the number of newcomers to the Portland scene is staggering.

Perhaps the best known is Paiche, the Peruvian restaurant that opened in Southwest Portland by Chef Jose Luis de Cossio. Paiche is open for lunch service only but has already become quite the hit amongst locals for its numerous seafood, vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Joining Paiche in the South American culinary scene are the vegetarian Epif and the woodfired cooking at Lechon, both equally intriguing concepts in their own rights. Learn more about Portland’s South American culinary renaissance here

Kurt Huffman Discusses Ongoing Struggles for Portland Restaurants

Kurt Huffman, founder of one of Portland's most renowned restaurant groups ChefStable, sees trouble in the future of Portland's culinary scene. Identifying a rising trend amongst locals to favor the obscure and interesting over the tried and true, Huffman explained in a recent Munchies article that "there are a lot of people who are just experimenting with their restaurants and don’t know how to properly train their staff, or aren’t prepared, or don’t understand how hard it is going to be, or that are undercapitalized."

Huffman furthered that "food can’t just be good anymore; it has to be good and interesting" for the restaurant to survive, and even then there are no guarantees. 

Learn more about Portland's ongoing culinary struggle here

Portland-Based Restaurant Job Board Poached Jobs to Go National

Portland's own Poached Jobs, a restaurant jobs board platform, has announced it will take its platform national, expanding its services throughout the country in thanks to 1.5 million the company received in funding from the Oregon Angel Fund. While the site is still looking for an additional 1 million more to reach its goal, the company has already begun investing in markets throughout the country. Cities like Denver have been given a trial run, which resulted in a high search volume of over 10,000 website views in the first two weeks. 

Poached currently services over 10,000 restaurants and reports receiving over 1 million resumes since 2012. Read More

Taiwanese Cuisine Now Trending in Portland

Up until 2012, Portland did not have a single restaurant dedicated to serving exclusively Taiwanese cuisine. Yet over the last several years, Portland has welcomed not one but four unique Taiwanese restaurant concepts, and local diners are eating it up.

Perhaps the best known of the four is Portland's Wei Wei, a mom-and-pop type joint located in a local strip-mall, in addition to the others: Honey Toast, Taiwan Eats, and Oolong Yuan Cafe. Read More

Experimental Burgerville to Expand in Portland

Portland Burgerville opened in 2014 at the Portland Airport, meant as a testing ground for the Vancouver chain—and with the success the restaurant has had thus far, it was recently released that Burgerville will be expanding throughout the region. Such concepts tested at Portland's Burgerville include an innovative stainless steel milkshake cup that keeps the drink cold for eight hours, a counter-less ordering system where employees approach customers to place orders with handheld tablets, as well as a newly introduced mobile delivery system. 

Learn more about Burgerville's other customer service innovations here