Pythagoras Pizza's Cryptocurrency May Change Franchising as We Know It


On this episode of The Barron Report, Evan Kuo, CEO of Pythagoras Pizza, teaches us about his new cryptocurrency proposal.

Where many companies turn to stock options, Kuo has proposed a Bitcoin-like system in which chefs, delivery drivers, and even customers can rack up “fragments,” which are essentially small stake ownership in the company. Though fragment-holders have no say in the company’s business, the fragments have value based in the monthly revenue, and those fragments are fully fungible.

Listen to the episode and follow along with the show notes below!

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Show Notes

  • 10:52 - The Fragment
  • 13:41 - ‘gons = gifts
  • 18:00 - Current State of Cryptocurrency
  • 20:39  - Restaurant Industry Impact
  • 22:23 - Foodable Labs analyzes Pythagoras