Give Customers What They Want With These Clean-Label Dessert Recipes

Give Customers What They Want With These Clean-Label Dessert Recipes

Welcome to Foodable’s Smart Kitchen where chefs share innovative ideas around the challenges you work with every day. In this episode, Agnes and Chef Adrianne are cleaning up your customers' favorite desserts.

Customers are demanding clean ingredients and transparency in everything they eat from entrees to indulgent desserts. Many concepts are taking, cheesecake, a classic customer favorite, and adding fruit flavors to take the traditional plate to the next level. But while apple and cheesecake are a winning pair, ensuring consistent quality and flavor can be a strife for multi-unit operators. In this episode, see how Chef Adrianne makes adding fresh and clean fruit flavors to your dessert menu easy and cost-efficient.

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There are 2 Ways to Compete in the Restaurant Industry

There are 2 Ways to Compete in the Restaurant Industry

You finally open up that restaurant of your dreams. You’ve been working in other industries and finally decided to take that leap into restaurant ownership. Or maybe this is your next concept and you’ve seen the success of similar cuisines in your industry. Or maybe you’re a chef who is finally excited to be opening up his or her first restaurant.

You think to yourself, “I can do way better than this person. I could blow them out of the water and they wouldn’t be able to compete with me!”

This mindset is a dangerous one to fall into because there are only two ways to truly compete against another similar concept. Do you know what they are?

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Miami's Best Bartenders Stir Up Competition With the 'Black Box Challenge'

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On this episode of "Across the Bar," we did something a little bit different. We went down to Miami to round up some of the best bartenders in the business and had them show off their skills in a black box challenge. With an ever-changing beverage industry, we wanted to get into the minds of top mixologists to see what trends they’ve been seeing and how they keep up with customer demands.

For this challenge, we were lucky enough to have Byblos host us at their beautiful lounge in Miami’s South Beach. Here, host Paul Barron connects with Steve Minor of MO Bar, Isaac Grillo of Repour Bar, and Eddie Fuentes of Cocktail Cartel Co.

So, what is the black box challenge? Well, we filled up three black boxes with three different sets of mystery ingredients and asked our bartenders to make the tastiest cocktails they could. They did not let us down! Using fruits, pure cane syrups, fresh herbs, and the best spirits, Steve, Isaac and Eddie showed us what the best mixologists do to create the perfect cocktail for their guests.

Steve starts us off strong pulling out his iSi tank, which he uses for rapid infusions. Combining brandy, cinnamon sticks, cold brew concentrate, Grand Marnier, and bitters, Steve creates a powerful base to combine with his lemonade syrup.

Isaac impresses the crew with his flair. His mixology style uses a little less measuring and a little more eyeballing. With a high bar IQ, Isaac knows what it takes to make a polished beverage down to the last detail, like lemon essence on the rim of his glasses.

In the midst of their mixing, the bartenders talk trends like infusions and flavors.

“Another fruit-forward DaVinci Pomegranate syrup. Looks delectable. Made with pure cane sugar which is delicious,” Issac notes while examining his ingredients.

“Pomegranate...I see that in a lot of drinks now,” Paul replies.

As Eddie steps up to the bar, he gets a curveball with a blackberry blood orange cane sugar syrup, which he combines with a sweet and sour mix, orange juice, Aperol, and mint. Adding a splash of Prosecco pulls it all together.

Watch the full episode to learn how these top-quality bartender turn mystery ingredients into high end cocktails. 

What Does 'Quality Ingredients' Mean? 3 Things to Consider

What Does 'Quality Ingredients' Mean? 3 Things to Consider

By Jim Berman, Foodable Industry Expert

What does it mean when to use quality ingredients? Restaurants and brands toss the phrase everywhere on their menus and websites, but does that mean we buy the absolute best of everything? If not, why not? Quality is as subjective as flavor.

Being open about quality in terms of a marketing device is much like listening to explicit music with your grandmother in the same room — uncomfortable, but quite relieving when it is a shared experience. I guess. In other words, are you buying the best or are you saying that you buy the best? Either you don’t know, or you don’t want to admit to perpetrating a crime against ingredients.

Quality isn’t just throwing money at the most expensive ingredients. That doesn’t make them the best for your business. Throw money at a problem and now you have two problems. So, how do we keep our commitment to quality intact? Here are three things to consider.

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