Del Taco Expands Brand in "The Theme Park Capital of the World," Orlando

Del Taco Expands Brand in "The Theme Park Capital of the World," Orlando

With two stores already open in the Orlando, Florida area, the fast-food chain Del Taco is planning to open 10 additional stores in the city over the next few years. 

To do so, the brand is looking for operators to join as franchisees of five or more Del Taco stores and is offering incentives like "discounted initial fees and reduced royalties for up to three years, aiding unit-level profitability early on in the initial entrance phase of development in a new market," according to a recent press release. 

Founded in 1964, the West Coast brand has 560 stores in 14 states but is aiming to expand on the East Coast. 

“From our culinary and marketing teams to our operations and franchise executives, the entire Del Taco leadership group is guided by our focus on unit-level economics, providing the blueprint for success,” said Laura Tanaka, Del Taco’s director of franchise development in a press release.

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Zume Pizza is Aiming to License Their High-Tech Delivery Trucks to Other Restaurants

Zume Pizza is Aiming to License Their High-Tech Delivery Trucks to Other Restaurants

What’s better than fresh food delivered to your door? Fresh food that was made while on its way to your door.

At least that’s what Mountain View’s Zume Pizza thinks. This startup has dozens of patents on the baked-on-the-way method they’ve been cultivating since 2016. Zume Pizza delivery trucks are also equipped with robots to make the pies.

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The Fast Food Apocalypse is Here

The Fast Food Apocalypse is Here

It's no secret that several fast food chains that used to reign in the restaurant industry are now struggling to compete with the thousands on new innovative concepts offering guests an elevated experience, whether it be with the higher quality food product or dining experience. 

Even the quick-serve chain McDonald's, which has recently completed a brand revamp, said in a call last week that it's difficult to bring in customers due to the "market share fight." 

Yum Brands CEO Greg Creed expressed similar sentiments and also called the marketplace "very tough," after Taco Bell's new Nacho Fries didn't foster the sales they had hoped for. 

"You have to be really good to survive," said Michael Osanloo, CEO of PF Chang to "Business Insider.:

The industry has quickly been overpopulated with concepts, but Osanloo argues that in this market the bad restaurants just fail quicker. 

"It's been a constant dynamic. There are too many bad restaurants, for sure," said Osanloo. "And, I think what happens is that bad restaurants have really short shelf life. Good restaurants do really well."

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KFC's Loyalty Program Gets Hacked

The fast food mogul, KFC issued a mass email last week to the 1.2 million members in their loyalty program in the U.K.

The brand instructed their members in this email to change their passwords after announcing that the restaurant chain’s website was hacked.

Since the brand also instructed its loyal fans to change their passwords on other services, it has been assumed that the hackers have access to Colonel’s Club database of email addresses.

“Our monitoring systems have found a small number of Colonel’s Club accounts may have been compromised as a result of our website being targeted. Whilst it’s unlikely you have been impacted, we advise that you change your password as a precaution. If you use the same email address and password across other service, you should also reset them, just to be safe,” wrote KFC in an email to Colonel’s Club members.

Luckily, billing information is not stored on the user’s profile so hackers were not able to access financial information.

“We take the online security of our fans very seriously, so we’ve advised all Colonel’s Club members to change their passwords as a precaution, despite only a small number of accounts being directly affected. We don’t store credit card details as part of our Colonel’s Club rewards scheme, so no financial data was compromised,” said KFC in a statement to TechCrunch.

KFC tried to reassure users that they had “introduced additional security measures” in attempt to better protect their loyal customers’ information from being hacked in the future.  

How so?

“As a result of automated software attempting to guess Colonel’s Club members’ passwords, we have implemented changes to our back end and front end systems. One thing customers may notice is the addition of reCAPTCHA on the website, which is used to distinguish between human and software login attempts,” said KFC in a statement to TechCrunch.

Although the brand has reported that only 30 accounts were compromised, the hack is not going over well with their customers.

“If a company is recording our personal information in a database for whatever reason, they have a responsibility to protect it no matter the cost — and KFC has clearly failed to do so,” wrote Josh Levenson for TNW.

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Wendy’s Promotes Freshness with New Video Series

Wendy’s Promotes Freshness with New Video Series

By Kerri Adams, Editor-at-Large

The quick-serve chain, Wendy’s has had a lot of different slogans since it was founded in 1969, including ­– “Quality Is Our Recipe” (the slogan and current that also remains on Wendy’s logo today,) “Choose Fresh, choose Wendy's,” It's way better than fast food... It's Wendy's,” “You know when it's real,” and “It's not just fast food; it's fresh food, made fast.”

When the brand isn’t promoting their juicy hamburgers, they are emphasizing their fresh ingredients.

Fresh ingredients have always been included in their mission statement: “Our promise is to only use the freshest ingredients to create the best-tasting food for you. Quality is our promise and our recipe,” according to the brand’s website.

How the Brand is Using Content Marketing to Represent Freshness

Now the fast food chain is taking it a step further with the video series, “Profiles in Quality” the first video Lettuce... From Start to Fresh takes the viewers on a tour of Wendy’s lettuce supply chain.

Suppliers of the fast food restaurant, Tom and Steve Church of Church Brothers Farms discuss the values and standards of their farm. This family-owned farm supplies Wendy’s with salad ingredients, including spring mix, romaine and iceberg lettuce.

The video tells the endearing story of the Church Brothers Farm, but also boasts about Wendy’s food safety procedures.

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