The Main Dish: How to Maximize Your Beverage Program, Swap Meat for Sustainable Fish and Other Highlights

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Before You Franchise or Expand Your Restaurant, Read These Tips

Whether you’re an aspiring restaurateur or an experienced operator, it has likely crossed your mind to open at least a “few locations,” or to begin “franchising” a winning concept. It’s in our nature to grow and always look for more, right?When the timing is right, expanding with multiple locations can make a lot of sense for a brand, but only if it is truly, the right time.

Are You Maximizing Your Beverage Program?

On this episode of On Foodable Weekly, Foodable Network's CEO and Host, Paul Barron, sits with restaurant owner and bar expert Vaughan Dugan to discuss the ever shifting beverage segment. Craft beer, craft soda, and craft cocktails have all become hot topics in the beverage business. "It's really kind of exploded over the last several years; bar owners obviously see the opportunity to kind of elevate and enhance their business model," says Dugan. 

The Votes Are In, America’s Favorite Donut Shop in 2017 is…

They’re hot, doughy, glazed and sprinkled. Whether you like a brioche or yummy yeast, no one can deny the appeal of a quality donut. But are some donuts better than others? According to Foodable Labs data, there are some clear leaders of the pack; some of which you may have heard of before. The winner is District: Donuts.Sliders.Brew! According to data from January through July of this year, District: Donuts.Sliders.Brew has a 95.6 consumer sentiment rating out of 100! Previously featured on Foodable’s Fast Casual Nation, this spot is a must-stop.

Your Brand Should Be a Who, Not a What

On this episode of On Foodable Weekly, host Paul Barron sits down with Nicole Aylward, the director of Marketing at Rockit Ranch to talk about how restaurants are using technology to improve their their digital presence. Rockit Ranch is a restaurant group with a number of different venues, based in Chicago. Aylward thinks it's important to have the brand's voice match up on different platforms.

Join Top Chef Alum Chef Sylva Senat at C-CAP's Swap Meat

“I actually came to America when I was about 8 years old and one of the reasons was my mom passed away, but when I was really young, you know, I used to go to the market with my mom. So... I think I was always gravitated to ending up in the kitchen,” said Haitian-born Sylva Senat, chef and partner of Philadelphia restaurant Maison 208. “At this point in my life, as a chef, I want to start giving back.” It has been a long journey for Chef Senat. 

Chef Q&A With Star-Studded Marc Forgione

The airing of Food Network’s The Next Iron Chef: Season 3 finale, where Chef Marc Forgione was declared winner, is coming up on its seven year anniversary, in November. “I came and I conquered,” said Chef Forgione (like a boss!) after winning the Thanksgiving Feast challenge against Chef Marco Canora. Since then, Marc Forgione continues to man the kitchen at his Reade Street restaurant, by the same name, which he opened in New York City two years before competing on the show. He is keeping busy as the chef/owner of American Cut and Lobster Press, as well. He is also a partner/co-owner of Khe-yo, a unique restaurant serving up Lao cuisine in Tribeca.