Foodable's Annual Restaurant Technology Guide — the Inside Scoop on the Best Foodservice Tech Solutions

If you're hungry for food for thought, you'll get more than a "byte" with our latest interactive guide. Having trouble deciding on the best way to manage your team's schedules? Keeping track of ordering and receiving? Monitoring your inventory?  Or are you looking for the best LCDs for your menu boards, or maybe even a new POS system to cut down time customers crowd at the till?

Look no further than Foodable's annual Restaurant Technology Guide, brought to you by Zenreach.

 There's no doubt that technology is transforming the restaurant industry, from the way brands and operators handle their day-to-day tasks to changing consumer expectations on customer service and the dining experience. How can we keep up with the fast-paced, one-click speed of foodservice? How do we bridge the gap between tech-savvy guests and tech-savvy brands?

Through Foodable's interactive Restaurant Technology Guide, which also comes with a free, downloadable report that shares even more insights and data, we feature the best products and companies that have elevated the industry. More importantly, the ones that can revolutionize you and your restaurant. Based on data analyzed by Foodable Labs, these brands were ranked on a 300-point system, scored on the following metrics: operator sentiment, brand perception, and engagement.

About the Report

The annual Restaurant Technology Guide is powered by the industry's largest foodservice- and chef-focused social data analysis platform, the Restaurant Social Media Index (RSMI), and Foodable Labs. Foodable Labs, through the RSMI, analyzes more than 167K restaurant and hospitality brands, 200K chefs, and over 220MM global restaurant consumers across 500K foodservice locations.

In this free report, along with access to our interactive guide, you will discover:

  • 2017 Restaurant Technology Predictions
  • Top 100 Restaurant Technology Companies Ranking
  • Editors' Choice Awards for the following categories: Social Media, Point of Sale, Online Services, Digital Signage, Marketing Solutions, Guest-Facing Tech, Back-Office Software, and Mobile
  • Top 10 Guest-Facing and Tabletop Tech Ranking
  • Top 10 Digital Marketing Solutions Ranking
  • Top 6 Back-Office Tech Ranking
  • Top 6 Pos Options Ranking
  • Best practices on making Wi-Fi work for your restaurant
  • Millennial trends on digitally-enhanced dining
  • And more!

Restaurant Technology Must-Haves: Free WiFi, Data Management

Foodable’s 2016 Restaurant Technology Guide is expected to release in just a couple short weeks. In the meantime, we’re talking to Jack Abraham, CEO of Zenreach, to discuss some of the most recent technologies in restaurants today. One such technology was created by Abraham.

“I’ve always been focused on how the internet is influencing the offline world and offline sales in particular. The vast majority of people are spending their time online, but 95 percent of the commerce in the United States is being done offline, and there are a lot of bridges that need to be built between those two worlds,” he said.

Abraham’s interest in offline data loops began with his first company, a local shopping engine called Milo, which he sold to eBay in 2010. Now focused on his new venture, Zenreach shows operators how many times individual customers actually return to their restaurant. Using a piece of hardware that allows operators to create a customizable log-in portal to offer free WiFi for their patrons, Jack aimed to grow owner’s knowledge of their customers using their online activity. When visitors log in to a location’s WiFi, they share an email address that can then be monitored during later visits to track restaurant visits.

Foodable Labs Data shows that Consumer-Facing Technology Adoption is up by 87 percent over 2015 while Restaurant Native Mobile Apps are down 31 percent. Abraham notes the reason for this gap is that sometimes consumers don’t want to download an another app to their phone.

“Even if you can convince them — even if you can put all the effort into trying to get them to do that — they’re probably going to delete it,” he said.

That’s part of why Abraham created Zenreach. He wanted to give restaurants the ability to gather data from their consumers while simultaneously avoiding the issues normally faced when providing free WiFi like security and management.

Find out how technology is changing and where it’s headed within the industry on this episode of On Foodable Weekly!

How Millennials and Fast Casual Are Changing the World of POS

How Millennials and Fast Casual Are Changing the World of POS

[Editor’s Note: This is a sponsored post.]

Point-of-sale systems continue to get leaner, smarter, and more comprehensive. 

In this second installation of POS trends and where this technology is headed, as part of Foodable’s recently released Restaurant Technology Guide, we chat with Revel Systems, a sponsor of the Guide, about the current state and future forecasting of consumer trends, POS trends, payment integrations, and overall restaurant trends. [Check out the first installation with TouchBistro here.]

Foodable: What POS trends do you see impacting restaurants and how are you addressing them?

Revel Systems: The POS trends Revel sees impacting restaurants are: increased mobility and better efficiency, support mobile payment, enhanced security and EMV compliance, and change in POS look and ease of use. As restaurants are constantly competing to get consumers’ business, it is important for them to offer a modern and trendy space where their customers enjoy having a meal. Old POS systems are bulky and immovable and do not fit with new sleek, modern spaces, so restaurant owners are looking at replacing them with iPad-based POS systems such as Revel’s that fit better with the new design of their space. 

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5 Tech Trends Operators Are Preparing for in 2016

5 Tech Trends Operators Are Preparing for in 2016

Restaurant technology has not only changed the way we eat and experience food, it’s also impacted how we approach making dining decisions. With speed and convenience at the height of our last-minute choices, on-demand services like UberEATS and Postmates have proved successful. But tech-minded operators must always be thinking steps ahead in order to keep up with consumers.

Below, we ask a variety of operators and industry experts what one tech trend they see on the horizon that they’re preparing for (and, in some cases, rolling out).

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The Evolution of POS Systems: TouchBistro's Alex Barrotti Talks Big Data, Security, and Driving Better Sales

The Evolution of POS Systems: TouchBistro's Alex Barrotti Talks Big Data, Security, and Driving Better Sales

Point-of-sale systems have drastically evolved over the past few years alone. Thanks to the advancement of technology, lighter, more flexible options like iPad-based POS systems are now more widely available, and these upstart companies are invading the marketplace in waves.

The rise in POS competition has led to many benefits for today’s operator, including less overhead and lower costs, and more data-based features, insights and analytics. While these perks may seem dry in list-form, consider each as a deeper dimension of long-term growth. Less overhead means a myriad of things, such as lower costs, larger margins, and room for growth, including those inevitable improvements down the road. Data-based features, insights and analytics, depending on the capabilities of specific technologies, allow operators to glean customer habits and provide opportunities not only to upsell but also to build loyal relationships.

In Foodable’s recently released Restaurant Technology Guide, the first annual technology guide for foodservice by the Foodable Network, we dive deeper into six different technology categories, including POS.

Below, we sit down with Alex Barrotti, CEO at TouchBistro, a sponsor of the Restaurant Technology Guide, to discuss the evolution of cybersecurity; how modern-day, mobile-forward POS companies will impact marketing and communications to drive business sales and new business; and what two (non-POS) trends he thinks every operator needs to be aware of for 2016. Check out the full Q&A in the 2015 Restaurant Technology Guide, and read through our favorite insights here:

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