New California Waste Disposal Laws To Require Restaurants to Recycle or Compost


Laws that regulate food waste disposal seem to be popping up with more frequency. In California, beginning April 1st, businesses will be required to divert organic waste from landfills to recycling or composting facilities.

Currently, the regulation affects only those generating eight cubic yards of organic waste a week. Next year, the threshold will be lowered to four cubic yards. This presumably will bring more restaurants under the mandate’s coverage. 

So what’s behind this effort to combat food waste? Read More

Bill of Rights For SF Restaurant Workers Now in Effect

San Francisco introduced a revolutionary 'Retail Workers Bill of Rights' this week that looks to ensure more predictable schedules and other opportunities for retail and restaurant workers in the city. The policies apply only to formula type businesses that have at least 40 establishments worldwide, which the San Francisco Planning Department estimates at least 18 percent of the city's restaurant employees currently work for.

The ordinances, which were originally approved last year, require these types of chain restaurants to post schedules fourteen days in advance, to pay employees who are sent home early, and to offer full time positions to current part time employees before hiring outside help. Learn more about these new requirements here

San Francisco Legislation Threatens Large Restaurants

Mission District

San Francisco's Mission District is facing a restaurant development freeze if local legislation proposed earlier this month succeeds. In an attempt to address the city's rapid gentrification, lawmakers proposed a bill that would prohibit restaurants and retailers from merging any adjacent spaces that would exceed 799 square feet.  

While similar housing moratorium proposals have been pitched in nearby areas, this particular legislation would target larger, upscale restaurant concepts, prohibiting their expansion into the area.  Many critics of the bill have claimed that the legislation is misguide and will end up hurting Bay Area restaurant industry workers, for whom these upscale restaurant jobs are highly desirable. Read More