Sneak Peek: This San Francisco Bar Puts Some Heat in Your Drink

A hotel restaurant and bar tucked away in San Francisco’s Union Square melts away all of the stodgy misconceptions of an in-hotel venue. Inspired by film noir, the sultry space that is the Burritt Room + Tavern is the cornerstone of fine-dine-level food, a sexy atmosphere, and a damn good drink.

And as Burritt Barman Josh Trabulsi tells us, it was his escape from making endless rounds of vodka Redbulls. So you know it’s good. Watch a sneak peek clip here, and stay tuned for our full “Across the Bar” episode, coming soon!

San Francisco’s Trick Dog Knows No Creative Limits

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Obscurely nestled in a multi-story townhouse in San Francisco lies Trick Dog, a James Beard nominated drinking establishment run by The Bon Vivants. The vibe is decidedly homey with a warehouse feel, as a canine-themed neighborhood bar should be.

In this episode of “Across the Bar,” brought to you by the Foodable Network, we are joined by Morgan Schick, the creative director at Trick Dog/The Bon Vivants, who fell in love with bartending while working as the head chef at a nightclub in Portland.

Schick walks us through three out-of-the-box cocktail creations — all named after calendar months and, naturally, dog names — including a drink built around a cheese garnish that includes whiskey, wine and beer.

How does Schick develop ideas for new drinks? What ingredient combinations are staples at Trick Dog? And how does the bar expedite service without sacrificing drink quality? Watch the full episode to find out!

San Francisco Now Has Its Own Local Fernet

Fernet Francisco  | Facebook

Fernet Francisco | Facebook

The Italian amaro Fernet has long been a favorite beverage amongst San Franciscans, with the city accounting for over 25% of the spirits national consumption. And now, the city is welcoming its own San Franciscan bottling of Fernet, thanks to local beverage industry stars Max Rudsten and Ben Flajnik, the Sonoma based winemaker and star of the reality TV series The Bachelor. The duo teamed with master distiller Farid Dormishian to create the spirit, distilling 12 top secret, local, native to California ingredients.

Currently, the local spirit, named Fernet Francisco, can be found in over 100 bars and restaurants throughout San Francisco and the team is working on getting the spirit into more spots throughout the state. Read More

The Craft Beer Scene Booms in San Francisco

Even before the growing craft beer trend exploded on the national stage, San Francisco has always had a vibrant beer scene, surrounded by craft pioneers such as Anchor Steam Brewing Co. and Sierra Nevada.  Yet today, even with San Francisco’s long legacy of local breweries, the growth of craft beer in the city is unprecedented. 

Over the last several years, a number of new craft breweries and taprooms have begun popping up all over San Francisco, offering consumers a variety of styles of beer to enjoy.  Recently, the growing number of breweries opening in the Bay Area has reached such heights that it is reported that both San Francisco and Oakland are on track to nearly double their number of breweries next year.

And this craft beer explosion is not just limited to breweries as a number of local restaurants have also begun capitalizing on the increasing consumer demand.  Many local bars and restaurants are now featuring rotating tap handles of some of the city’s top craft brewers and many have also begun to give their beer lists as much attention as their wine lists.  

Learn more about San Francisco’s craft beer boom here

San Francisco’s Distilleries Take Cue from Local Breweries

Hop Flavored Spirits  | Matthew Mead

Hop Flavored Spirits | Matthew Mead

No longer just reserved for beer, in San Francisco the hop craze has reached new heights.  Hoping to tap into the hipster, hoppy beer drinking population, local distilleries Charbay Artisan in Napa Valley and Anchor Distilling Co. in San Francisco have both introduced their own versions of hopped spirits.  Charbay Artisan released its R5 hopped whisky and Anchor Distilling Co. presented its Hophead Vodka, each made by distilling hoppy beers such as India pale ales.

In fact, the very move of these distilleries towards hopped liquors was a direct result of the surge in India pale ale sales amongst beer enthusiasts nationwide.  Looking to entice these drinkers into trying their own products while simultaneously creating innovative and unique cocktails, these distilleries' hopped spirits are set to target a niche population of consumers.

And while hopped spirits have not entirely caught on yet, the distilleries hope that by presenting similar flavor profiles found in beer enthusiasts’ chosen beverage, they can win more drinkers over to their side. 

Do you think the hopped spirits trend will catch on?  Read More