SF Restaurants Incorporating In-House Pickling Programs

In the Bay Area, pickles are making their way through a number of local restaurants and beverage programs. The Alembic uses pickles as toppings for a number of its dishes, such as the jerk spiced duck hearts, topped with pickled pineapple, as well as the chicken liver mousse, served on top of crostini and pickled red onions. In addition to toppings, The Alembic also serves up pickled entrees, such as the pickled deviled eggs offered at brunch. 

At the Hungarian inspired Bar Tartine, chef Nick Balla loves pickles so much he offers them in a flight. And while pickling inherently allows for the pickled ingredients to be used year round, Balla's pickling program still looks to feature a variety of seasonal veggies that are constantly changing. From tumeric carrots and green tomatoes to mushrooms and parsnips, the hyper-seasonal pickling program at Bar Tartine is unparalleled.

The Boxing Room, a Louisiana inspired restaurant, offers a number of always changing vegetables in its pickling program. Ingredients pickled and served thus far include pickled green tomatoes, cayenne peppers, watermelon rind, okra and beets, to name a few. 

San Francisco based Chef Douglas Monsalud, of the recently shuttered Kitchenette SF, as well as Heart art and wine bar, and LRE (Living Room Events) identifies his own pickle obsession as drawing inspiration from celebrated food writer Michael Pollan, alongside a growing interest in the health benefits of both pickled and fermented food stuffs. Read More

New California Waste Disposal Laws To Require Restaurants to Recycle or Compost


Laws that regulate food waste disposal seem to be popping up with more frequency. In California, beginning April 1st, businesses will be required to divert organic waste from landfills to recycling or composting facilities.

Currently, the regulation affects only those generating eight cubic yards of organic waste a week. Next year, the threshold will be lowered to four cubic yards. This presumably will bring more restaurants under the mandate’s coverage. 

So what’s behind this effort to combat food waste? Read More

A Look Back at This Year's SF James Beard Semi-Finalists

It’s that time of year again. Last week, the James Beard Foundation announced the 2016 semi-finalists. On March 15th, the finalists will be chosen. No matter, making any round of the JBFAs is an honor and a privilege to both rising culinary stars and vets who continue to innovate their dishes, cocktails, and/or concepts.

Below, we gather some of the best sound bites from the past year of San Francisco's semi-finalists we have had the privilege of interviewing and filming with. Make sure to check out the full list of semi-finalists here.

William Werner, Craftsman and Wolves, SF
Nominated for: Outstanding Baker

On how he got started in pastry:
“I started out cooking savory, I really enjoyed it. I just delved into all things cooking — books on books on books and research, and worked at a lot of different places, and then ended up working at a small restaurant that was chef-owned that had a pastry chef during the day, and I would go in and help her out a little bit, and I just came to find I really appreciated the focal point of pastry where you can be very conceptualized, even from an architectural standpoint.”

On developing the concept:
“In France and Japan, the pastry shops are very chef-driven, and so are our restaurants here [in SF]. But I wasn’t seeing your local neighborhood bakeries and pastry shops have this kind of style, for lack of a better term.”

Bar Agricole, SF
Nominated for: Outstanding Bar Program

Translated, Bar Agricole means “farm bar,” and the menu changes daily depending on the supply and demand of local ingredients. But it’s not just the cuisine that is affected. Bar Agricole’s cocktails are also modern farm-to-table. Heading up the cocktail program are Thad Vogler and Eric Johnson, with Jai Wilson on all things wine. The cocktail menu includes concoctions like the Brown Derby (bourbon, grapefruit, lemon, honey, and bitters), Presidente (white rum, white vermouth, farmhouse curaçao, grenadine, and bitters), and the Bellamy Scotch Sour (blended scotch, lemon, honey, bitters, and egg white).

Trick Dog, SF
Nominated for: Outstanding Bar Program

Nestled in a multi-story townhouse in San Francisco, Trick Dog is a drinking establishment run by The Bon Vivants. The vibe is decidedly homey with a warehouse feel, as a canine-themed neighborhood bar should be. Morgan Schick, the creative director, fell in love with bartending while working as the head chef at a nightclub in Portland.

In the video below, Schick walks us through three out-of-the-box cocktail creations — all named after calendar months and, naturally, dog names — including a drink built around a cheese garnish that includes whiskey, wine and beer.

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NorCal Based Farmigo is Changing the Game for Local Farms

Founded in 2009, Farmigo is an online farmers market that directly connects consumers to local farms. Farm-fresh groceries can be ordered through the marketplace, and are available for pickup at select “food communities” nearby. Farmigo, which is currently available in New York, New Jersey, Seattle-Tacoma, and Northern California, recently raised $16M in a Series B round in Q3 2015 and has, since inception, raised a total of $26M.

Below, check out a sneak peek of our upcoming “On Foodable Side Dish” episode, featuring Farmigo and Gotham Greens.

A Look Inside San Francisco's Ferry Building

A Look Inside San Francisco's Ferry Building

By Justin Dolezal, Foodable Contributor

In a city filled with history, cultural landmarks, and great food, San Francisco's Ferry Building exists at the rare intersection of each. Originally built at the turn of the century, when ferries were the main source of transit between San Francisco and the East Bay, the Ferry Building has now become one of the top culinary destinations in the city, housing restaurants, kitchen shops, specialty food vendors, and more. 

Let's explore this San Francisco city icon, to find out what makes it one of the vibrant highlights of this remarkable city.

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