DoorDash is Using Its Technology to Give Back to the Needy

DoorDash is Using Its Technology to Give Back to the Needy

By law, restaurant owners cannot serve leftover food to guests the following day. So, what is a chef or restaurateur to do with all the extra food?

You could always have employees take some home, but what if you still have more after that?

According to “Fast Company,” “An average restaurant might waste 100,000 pounds of foods a year.”

Enter DoorDash. This food delivery company is using its algorithm to help restaurant owners with a surplus of food finding a person to deliver it to the nearest shelter caring for hungry homeless people, for example.

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Bay Area App Reveals Restaurants' Health Inspection Scores to Consumers


A new app is making waves in the Bay Area culinary scene for its ability to reveal local restaurants' health inspection scores to consumers. Santa Clara County unveiled the SCCDineOut app last month, allowing diners access to detailed inspection reports.

The SCCDineOut app was part of a larger county wide effort to being a rating system for local restaurants. Santa Clara now categorizes its restaurants using three colors to denote their current status - green: passing, yellow: conditional, and red: failing.

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Union Square Building to Add Rooftop Restaurant

After purchasing a building in San Francisco's Union Square, the Axis Development Group announced plans for the space's redevelopment that will feature not only an exterior renovation but also include the addition of a 5,000 square foot rooftop restaurant. The development team is already in the process of applying for the necessary permits and have already sketched up some preliminary designs for the space.

Partner in the Axis Development Group Theo Oliphant has high hopes that the space will feature one of the city's soon to be top high-end restaurants, working with both an indoor and outdoor space. Finding rooftop options to be incredibly successful in other major metropolitan cities, such as Los Angeles and New York, Oliphant envisions the restaurant as serving as an upscale destination, bringing people to the area at all hours. Read More

San Francisco's "Newish Jewish" Deli Scene

Rye Project  | Facebook

Rye Project | Facebook

San Francisco's Adam Mesnick began the Rye Project as a "Newish Jewish" deli, meant to take old school Jewish deli food and give it a modern edge.  Working with traditional family recipes, but giving them his own unique interpretation, Mesnick describes his menu as a "collection of my favorite Jewish deli products mixed with some California and 'newish' twists."

Serving up dishes such as Chicago style and habanero hot dogs alongside other sandwiches made with high-quality meats, Mesnick admits he may not appeal to the old-school deli traditionalists but will appeal to the city's younger, millennial population not as hung up on tradition.

Joining alongside his sister restaurant the Deli Board, Mesnick hopes that this "Newish Jewish" deli scene will quickly catch on in the city known for a number of other modern ethnic dining concepts.   Read More